Stylist: Tiffany Briseno
Outfit: custom Paul Smith suit by Paul Smith
Shirt: custom Marcell Von Berlin by Marcell Pustul
Groomer/hairstylist: Anna Bernabe
Skin: Kypris Beauty, Tata Harper, YSL Beauty
Hair: Oribe, T3 Micro
Shoes: Saint Laurent
Jewelry: David Yurman | Nialaya

Shawn Mendes is always joyous when he walks on a red carpet and he also always manages to look effortlessly elegant. There is often that air of distinction when he makes a style choice: the fabrics and the colors speak for him when he attends an event.

The 2019 American Music Awards were no exception.

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He wore an indigo custom Paul Smith suit paired with a custom Marcell Von Berlin pink shirt with teal lapels. In terms of jewelry he opted for a David Yurman Roman Amulet in 18k yellow gold with malachite and a Nialaya beaded choker with baroque pearls. On his feet, a pair of black Saint Laurent Lukas ankle boots.

Interestingly enough, there were different interviews regarding his grooming (thanks to Anna Bernabe of course) one by really caught my attention because of its technicality.

“I encourage most of my [male] clients to be generous when moisturizing their skin at night. By morning, their skin feels supple and hydrated. I’m in tune with my clients and understand they are very busy and travel a lot. Most men are overwhelmed with what moisturizers or eye creams to buy. They don’t have time to establish a skincare ritual.”

Bernabe also detailed her process and the products she used:
“- Tata Harper Essential Oils followed up with a facial mist to ensure a spa-like experience;
– Then I prep the skin with a generous amount of Kypris Antioxidant Dew and have my client wear eye patches while I style the hair.
I always make sure the neckline is clean, and if he needs a trim or shape-up, I do that too. Lint roller tape is useful for picking up post cut hairs around neck and face;
 Oribe Foundation Spray is my go-to product to wake up the hair, and depending on the look, I layer on mousse or pomade to build volume or texture.”

For makeup, “Bernabe prefers YSL Touché Eclat because it melts into the skin, unlike solid concealers, which need to be warmed up with your fingers first to blend properly. […] she followed up with a touch of YSL’s All Hours Universal Loose Powder on his T-zone to stop shine, combed his brows, and finished off by dabbing on YSL’s Top Secrets Lip Perfectorbalm for hydration.

With men, it’s about embracing his laugh lines or even scars sometimes. Women, on the other hand, usually lean to makeup that creates a smooth flawless texture.”

If you want to read another one of Anna‘s interviews regarding the joy of working with musicians on their grooming, don’t miss this one by

Also, we should not forget that Mendes and his girlfriend Camila Cabello won the award for Collaboration of the Yearfor their joint work on the song Señorita, during the ceremony.

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