About the website

Stylectory was born in February 2019, from Erika Noir‘s idea.

Literally speaking, it is the union of the word “style” (which is now strongly used in everyday language, if you carefully search through the hashtags on the internet) and of the slightly archaic word “directory” which by itself has several meanings, but in this case was intended to mean “guide”.

Living in a fast-paced world that runs fast and never stops, we wanted to summarize the idea in a simple concept easy to remember, which surprisingly led us to combine two words coming from two different etymological periods of time.

According to the creator, this contrast reflects the idea of fashion in a certain way: to draw from something coming from the past, turning it into something recent and up-to-date, not neglecting its spirit.

We pay too much attention to the glamorous and enviable side of everything that surrounds us, and we get lost among Instagram posts and make-believe situations that do not offer us anything sort of relatable. We forget that our true “heroes” are all those people who we mistakenly do not take that much into account but whose contribution results in unique and unforgettable moments in time. It could be haircuts, a particular kind of makeup or a styling inspired by the celebrities and the designers who made history. We always see the finished product, we never think about what is behind it, and we make a mistake.

Nowadays, people do not have the time to do some research themselves because of their several commitments and we are not only talking about fashion connoisseurs busy with fashion weeks, but also people who are now venturing into the working environment, having to deal with a new landscape filled with specific terms, fancy words, old & new professions, new faces and an ever-growing number of agencies; moreover, people simply driven by curiosity.

This is how Stylectory came to life. It was born from a lack of a common place where we could gather all the people who work behind-the-scenes in the fashion, music and cinema world—plus in all the entertainment industry in general—without any distinction between agencies, popularity, partnerships or whatsoever. A place where you can find continuous updates on all the events that happen in the world, with a personal approach inclusive of in-depth articles, videos and interviews researched and categorized for you through a thorough analysis of the various digital platforms that we have today. It does not matter if you are an up-and-coming professional, an assistant or an established name in the industry, we only care about what you have to offer; everyone will have the same visibility on the basis of an equal and neutral method.

This website aims to be an updated and contemporary guide for all the people who cannot keep track of all those individuals who are not always in the foreground but who contribute to the entertainment world, by making it what it is, with its strengths and weaknesses.

The founder of this website desires to put into fruition her meticulous research work, based on the principle of knowledge being the key to make tomorrow a better day. Everything will be managed with the professionality and the reliability of someone who does not think has ever made it in life, and someone who aspires to learn and teach to all of those who want to read and listen.

We will of course give proper credit where credit is due.

Our motto

We search, you read

About the author

Erika Noir is an Italian woman who prefers to maintain an air of mystery around her real surname. She studied Foreign Languages at the University of Turin (Piedmont – Italy), being that she was naturally good at languages from a young age.

She would have preferred to choose a different kind of university studies, based upon arts, but naively thinking, she ended up choosing the alternative which could have led her to have better employment opportunities—in her eyes—but as time passed by, she regretted it painfully.

During her university years, she developed a strong passion for fashion, but subconsciously, improperly, superficially and materialistically thinking, she never felt up to the standards of it. That is how she started studying on her own all of those disciplines related to it like: Fashion History, History of Photography and Makeup History.

Thanks to all the libraries and newsstands that she could find in her hometown, she could delight herself reading various sources of information in different languages, focusing herself on all those figures who work on editorials, advertisements, music videos and movies.

That was how she got interested in stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists, manicurists, video directors and photographers.

Seen that she could not attend a fashion institute—and also because she is a curious woman—she has always thought that knowledge is the cornerstone of our life’s experience. Moreover, she has always questioned her own knowledge about every other figure working in the field, leading her to a continuous research work, based on an independent study of the various disciplines linked to the fashion environment.

All of this is at the base of this website: an accurate research work from which everyone—who is sucked by the frenzy of life—can profit.

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