Stylist: Jason Rembert assisted by Kirsten McGovern
Outfit: custom Burberry by Riccardo Tisci
Makeup Artist: Mimi Choi assisted by Paula Lanzador
Hairstylist: Sami Knight
Mask: KM Effects Ltd
Manicurist: duck nails by Naomi Yasuda & Chiharu Natsume
Jewellery: Tiffany & Co.

I think this look was one of the most interesting ones of the MET Gala 2019, especially because of the mind that is behind it. Ezra Miller are such a chameleon and they are definitely not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion and self-expression.

For the occasion, they wore a custom Burberry pinstripe suit with a train and bedazzled corset, with blinged-out oxford black-and-white shoes.

I found a Garage Magazine interview that was very well rooted into understanding his vision, so I am gladly sharing it with you.

“I had a lot of bizarre thoughts in my brain and was trying to explain them to several people who, in many cases, received it with apprehension, even fear. Riccardo was immediately super-exuberant and enthusiastic about the notion. We talked on the phone and from what I’m told, two minutes into the conversation he was drawing the look. […] Miller saw the masked look partly as this ultimate transformation that we all have to do at least once. The celebration of camp is almost funereal… It’s almost like it dies as it walks in the room. But I think it consumes the other as well. I think it’s like fire and oxygen.”

If we look at the inspiration behind the make up look, I think we’d be able to witness the great minds that are behind this project–let’s look at the words of makeup artist Mimi Choi herself:

“Ezra discovered me through their publicist, who had been following me on Instagram for a while. She introduced my work to them and they said that they’ve loved following my progress ever since.

The multiple eyes represent their layers hidden beneath an exterior mask that was revealed on the red carpet. Before the event, Ezra and I had an in-depth conversation about what we wanted to achieve together and it turned out that our visions were aligned.

They did send over photos of the outfit and the mask and everything. They had a couple of ideas about what they wanted. And one of their ideas was the kaleidoscope eyes that I’ve done in the past, which actually I had in mind as well. I thought it would be fitting for the theme because if they’re going to wear a mask that’s exactly like them on the front, wearing those eyes behind it could represent that every human being has many different sides, and we’re revealing to the world different sides of us and we’re not ashamed of it. Ezra agreed with that. Eyes have also been my signature and also they’re easy to photograph at all angles and it looks really impactful, because it’s not angle-dependent.”

Talking about her point of view: “To me, the look represents the different sides, emotions, and alter egos that we as individuals possess. We are often afraid to express our hidden layers, but sometimes we need an outlet to reveal ourselves in our true form to the world without fear. It is such an incredible feeling to be unapologetically yourself and proud of it.”

“We started the makeup process at 4 AM and took about 5 hours to complete the look as we adjusted the concept slightly and played around with the positioning of the eyes. I really enjoyed the spontaneity and collaborative nature of the process, as Ezra have such a creative mind and are an incredible canvas to work on. Although the makeup look was completed by 9:30 AM, I stuck around throughout the day to touch up the look. As we started the process early in the morning, I knew that I had to use products that would last all day and late into the night. I was pretty much just touching up the lips, because they were talking and eating a lot. I took a video of the makeup at 2 am and it was still looking pretty fresh.”

Quotes from a Paper Magazine article & a The Daily FRONT ROW’ article

*Side note: the possessive adjectives and pronouns are not incorrect–Ezra refers to themselves as *they* because they do not identify with a specific gender.
I thought it was actually great for the magazine to respect his wish and write accordingly.

✧ Makeup breakdown – pre-MET – the process – the process, part 2 + afterparty prep – post-MET ✧

Most importantly, let’s take a look at what their stylist Jason Rembert had to say about the look during a Vogue UKinterview: “Only once we had found really cool collaborators to realise the hair, make-up and nails did we let anyone else know the pieces of the puzzle. […] Even Riccardo Tisci–did not know how Miller would execute his entrance to the museum. We wanted to show the performance aspect of getting dressed, from unveiling the suit underneath a white cape, to revealing his graphically made-up face behind a mask. […] Ezra loves the idea of transformation–he has a really clear vision for himself and Riccardo immediately understood the fluidity of his style.”

Tiffany & Co. as jewelry of choice: precisely a 2019 Tiffany Blue Book Collection brooch in addition to a selection of diamond rings.

If you want to take a look at the nails, click here and swipe through the 2nd slide.

For some backstage videos, watch these: 0102 / for a throwback with more backstage stuff, click here.

One last appreciation video of Ezra’s magnificent look
Here below you can see some glimpses of Ezra
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