Stylist: Eric Mcneal
Outfit: Brock Collection by Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock
Makeup Artist: Grace Ahn
Hairstylist: Lucas Wilson
Manicurist: Naomi Yasuda
Jewelry: Panconesi

Model Paloma Elsesser graced the red carpet of her first MET Gala 2019 in a custom denim Brock Collection dress with puffed, ruffled shoulders; a waist-whittling bustier; and a blooming peplum.

Talking to Vogue about the inspiration for the dress, she said: “It really accentuates the shoulders and snatches [the waist]. It touches on the Renaissance and my body type. […] My body type wasn’t deemed negative in the Victorian or Renaissance era. It was fetishized and idealized, so [the silhouette] is kind of touching on those shapes.”

For the beauty and hair look, there was a sprinkle of nostalgia. “I want to do kind of Christina Aguilera in the ‘Moulin Rouge’ music video and a drunk Marie Antoinette.”

When it came to explain how she sees being invited to such an event: “There are predominantly black tables and high-fashion designers taking women far above a sample size and not having it be as obvious.” […] “I truly believe it is an iconic representation of how the industry has changed. For a long time it catered to exclusivity, but now for me personally, it touches on the nuance of exclusivity and inclusivity at the same time. You can tell anyone who is watching and who is looking at this red carpet that everything is possible.”

For the full interview, click here.

For a backstage video from makeup artist Grace Ahn, click here.

To conclude, I’ll leave you with a meaningful quote from the model’s Instagram: “I had to remember my purpose and most importantly my worth. Every chunky brown girl or unseen and invalided individual was on my mind as I stepped out on that carpet, you all carried me.”

Check her out, her career is undoubtedly taking off.