Stylist: Michael Fisher assisted by Amber Simiriglia
Outfit: Thom Browne by Thom Browne
Tailor: Jenny Barone and Dominique Jernigan7thBoneTailoring
Groomer: Petra Sellge
Hairstylist: Tim Nolan
Tie: Thom Browne
Socks: Thom Browne
Shoes: Thom Browne

We absolutely can’t wait to watch Oscar Isaac‘s new Disney+ series “Moon Knight“. His outfit for its first premiere in London was the talk of last week though and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to write about it.

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For the event, Isaac definitely broke barriers in a Thom Browne medium grey jacket with two flap front pockets, a white men’s shirt underneath paired with a mid-length pleated skirt.

Additional touches were a Thom Browne navy blue necktie in school uniform plain weave, athletic mid-calf four-bar socks and black Brogue-detail ankle boots.  

In the series, from what we have heard and seen from the trailers, Moon Knight suffers from dissociative identity disorder and I can see the parallel between this aspect of his fictitious personality and the choice for a gender-fluid fashion brand for his first actual premiere of the series.

Moon Knight uses different alter egos indeed: the billionaire businessman Steven Grant, taxicab driver Jake Lockley, and suited consultant Mr. Knight. Upon further research, other subsequent identities emerged, including an unnamed red-haired little girl and astronaut, which confirm the idea that his condition goes beyond gender and it isn’t much of a reach.

Anyway, we support his choice and we truly think he looked great. Also, we are here for actors willing to say a lot without even opening their mouths.

Maybe this was all a play in my head, but I thinking shining a light on mental disorders and let people see how they can affect your day-to-day life will be very useful for those who don’t necessarily have a platform and see their symptoms and emotions minimized most of the time.

Worth noting: Oscar emphazised the fact that he was wearing a SKIRT and not a Kilt, which in my eyes was a great move because I think journalists wanted to make it “acceptable” for a man to wear a skirt by not saying it was one.

Kilts have Gaelic heritage and Scots are very proud of them, I think it was important to see the actor be specific about it.


Moon Knight is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin, the character first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 (August 1975).

The American television miniseries is created by Jeremy Slater for the streaming service Disney+Mohamed Diab leads the directing team.


Oscar Isaac stars as Marc Spector / Moon Knight, a mercenary suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Isaac used different accents to differentiate Spector‘s various identities. Filming took place from April to October 2021, primarily in Budapest as well as in Jordan and Atlanta, Georgia.

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