Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson assisted by Kristen Ritchie and Sam Woolf
Outfit: Schiaparelli Couture by Daniel Roseberry
Tailor: Tia Usher x Stitched Tailors Agency
Makeup Artist: David Velasquez
Hairstylist: Jay Nixon
Manicurist: Lily Strong
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Jewelry: Jason of Beverly Hills | House of Ravn | Karma El Khalil
Panconesi | Perez Bitan | Roseark

Noah Cyrus is slowly coming on her own, after several years living in the shadow of her sister Miley Cyrus. It was a difficult time for her, often making her feel not good enough for the path she had chosen.

Her nomination for the 2021 Grammys certainly proved her wrong and made her feel happy again after many struggles.

Noah wore a Schiaparelli Haute Couture strapless white silk crepe dress with a plunging neckline with draped detail and an airy cumulus silk taffeta stole from the Spring 2021 Couture collection (here a look at the back).

The avant-garde look was paired with laminated golden leather Giuseppe Zanotti Bebe platform sandals with plateau and chunky heel.

As it often happens with stylist Brett Alan Nelson, different kinds of jewelry could be seen on Noah, even though they didn’t overpower the dress: a Jason of Beverly Hills diamond necklace, a House of Ravn Oval Red Tourmaline ring in open bezel with Rose Cut Diamonds set in 14k Yellow Gold and another Round Yellow Topaz ring in 14k Yellow Gold from the same brand.

A Perez Bitan Snakes On The Rocks cocktail ring, a wonderful Panconesi SS21 Tremblant ear cuff made up of Malachite, Tiger Eye, Rock Crystal, Obsidian, Mother of Pearl and Zircons and a Karma El Khalil Deep Blue ring among others, finished off the look.

During an interview for Entertainment Tonight, the singer explained that last year she lost her grandmother during the pandemic and that it was a hard time for the whole family, so the dress was kind of in honor of her grandmother. Noah stated: “I feel like… I’m wearing this heavenly dress from Schiaparelli and I feel like I got her angel wings on me.”

Before the event, her stylist Brett Alan Nelson explained to InStyle why he chose such a “complicated” dress for her: “We’re getting to see her in a different light. The Cyrus family is legendary in the music industry, between her father and her sister, [Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus], so I wanted something that felt very original and iconic for her. I wanted to do something that felt a little bit more art-based. She’s a cool little art kid, so I want to show that.”

“I texted Noah and I was like, ‘I don’t want to show you other options.’ I obviously did have other options, but I knew in my soul that this is the look.”

Brett also detailed the references he drew inspiration from: “I wanted to approach this with the idea of Angelina Jolie in her Billy Bob Thornton days, but injected with pure fashion because she was so sexy back then. [Jolie] looked so simple and sophisticated, but she still had an element of grunge to her. I wanted to do that here too, because Noah‘s a street kid. She loves streetwear. She loves to wear ’90s sweats all the time, and this is obviously a very elevated moment for her. I wanted her to feel sexy and feel like herself, but it is a pure art piece. It screams pure sex and art, all together in one.”

Of course it is also important to know Noah‘s input regarding the dress, as she told “For my Grammys look this year I wanted to make sure I struck a good balance of elegance and boldness. This Schiaparelli piece was my and my stylist Brett’s first choice from the beginning. It was the finale piece from Daniel Roseberry’s Spring ‘21 collection that I was absolutely in love with. I’m also a huge Legend of Zelda fan. The angelic Schiaparelli dress and elf-y ear Panconesi cuffs brought that Zelda x Grammys vision to life.”

“Getting ready was super emotional for me. I cried a lot reflecting on the year I had last year and how far I’ve come in my journey with my mental health. It felt surreal that I was being recognized for my artistry, coming from feeling like no one would ever care enough about me to listen. But ultimately I had so much fun getting ready with my glam team. Jay Nixon did my hair and David Velasquez did makeup. I knew what I wanted to do with the look from the very first fitting with my stylist Brett Alan Nelson. At the fitting, I had a messy bun with two front pieces down and no makeup. It all felt really youthful and I wanted to keep everything simple to keep focus on the dress.”

Makeup artist David Velasquez revealed he used different brands of products to achieve the look: beautyblender, Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty, Kiss Products, La Mer, Nars and Tom Ford Beauty.

In the gallery you can see Noah looking at her reflection in a Hello Kitty shaped mirror–it was a Hello Kitty LED Rechargeable Mirror–from Impressions Vanity. The brand was kind enough to provide the makeup artist with the glam tools to get the singer ready for the night, even kinder because they interviewed Velasquez and asked about his inspiration for the look.

“Our inspiration for Noah CyrusGrammys look was very angelic, effortlessly done since the dress was over the top. We wanted to just have the focus on the dress. The makeup and hair was kind of simple but classic. We had a lot of time to get ready because we didn’t want to rush so we had 3 hours to glam but the actual process of us glamming was about an hour.”


Noah Cyrus was nominated in the category Best New Artist at just 21 years old.

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