Mark Avery

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Mark Avery is a Richmond native, professional celebrity stylist and movie set costumer.

Avery has always been interested in vintage and thrift shopping, but at first he didn’t consider a fashion career something viable for him.

While living in Richmond, he focused on music, so much so that he joined two punk bands and eventually dropped out of High School to pursue his passion, consequently moving to London.

Once he understood that that wasn’t a clever career choice, he moved to Los Angeles in 2005, working as a Production Assistant, in the Art Department and anywhere he could gain more experience. Once he was assigned to a movie’s Costume Department with the help of a friend, his first job was to unload and inventory a truck full of clothes, describing the articles so someone could write them down.

His descriptions were so spot-on that he got noticed quickly and climbed the work ladder, working his way up to a Costume Assistant on bigger movies.

His relationships with the actors were so good that they began asking him to dress them off-set, also because they liked his laid back dressing vibe. This led him to personal styling.

Avery tries to avoid logos, opting for vintage or well-crafted pieces from small businesses. He is also a set costumer, a person who ensures that the actor is in the correct costume at the right time in the right environment–continuity is crucial for this kind of work (not to be confused with a Costume Designer).

His most prominent celebrity clients are Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Gosling.

He also worked as a personal costumer for Tom Hiddleston in “Loki” and Jim Carrey in “Kidding“.

If you want to know more about his career, you can check his IMDb page.