Joe Mills
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Joe Mills is a celebrity hairstylist and industry expert.
He is a celebrated men’s session hairdresser with a strong background specializing in men’s hairdressing and a passion for men’s style.

Opening his first salon The Lounge Soho in the late nineties, Joe continued his business achievements with the co-creation of the very successful organic children’s product range Halo and Horns.

He finally fulfilled his dream of opening a dedicated men’s salon with a contemporary edge, Joe and Co. in 2010.

In 2019, Primark collaborated with Joe to create a men’s grooming range and Joe continues to work on projects within the hair industry and beyond. Offering mentoring support to other salon owners as well as being a spokesperson for the hairdressing industry.

Mills has a solid background in hairdressing and a keen eye for detail, he listens to what the client wants and translates that into a finished product. He is very focused on hair and always willing to talk through options and ideas until he comes to a joint conclusion on style with his client.

He is inspired daily, sometimes by magazines, historical references, fashion culture, and often just passing someone in the street can give him a great flow of ideas. Technically he is an all-rounder and happily switches between scissor and clipper work.

Joe has worked with some of the leading figures within the fashion, music, film and advertising industries.

He is called upon to groom many high profile clients and is known for his dedication, professionalism and hard work in any setting. Providing men’s hairdressing as well as grooming services (including natural makeup and facial hair) his clients get the full package of services at the hands of an expert enabling them to look their best for whatever occasion.

Joe also regularly writes for titles such as British GQ and Esquire as well as appearing on Podcasts, Radio and TV including BBC and Sky news.

Joe is represented by Joe Mills Agency and you can find his portfolio HERE

You can check his portfolio on his personal website HERE

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