Stylist: Sydney Lopez
Outfit: Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh
Embroidery: Vermont Paris
Groomer: Marissa Machado
Manicurist: Shigeko Taylor
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi
Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

One of the highlights of this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar Afterparty was Joe Jonas‘ suit. Let’s see why.

For the party, Joe donned a black Louis Vuitton wool embroidered suit from the Spring 2022 Menswear collection, paired with Gianvito Rossi Chester boots.

2nd and 5th pic: courtesy of Sydney Lopez
3rd and 4th pic: courtesy of Vermont Paris

He accessorized the look with a custom Tiffany Victoria® diamond vine necklace, a Tiffany diamond band ring, a Tiffany T Pavé Diamond Hinged Bangle and a Tiffany Cocktail watch in white gold.

A detail you couldn’t miss is the writing on the back of Joe‘s jacket which said: “Dont stare at the stars. You might see someone”. In line with the Spring Summer collection, the white thread and black fabric, evoked the chess theme that echoed through the collection, the idea of two entities and the dreaminess of a night sky, achieved through the use of white and transparent beads.

Courtesy of Justin Bishop

The ensemble can have different interpretations of course, but I’d like to focus on its craftsmanship and the symbolism Abloh used to convey his ideas and his battle for the Black culture. I appreciated the fact that Jonas honored the memory of Virgil in a night where we all would have loved to see him again too.

And can we even talk about the clash between Joe‘s wife Sophie, who is pregnant and bringing a new life into the world and the sad and unexpected departure of the famed Louis Vuitton menswear designer? A battle of opposites, even in real life.

Nonetheless, they are an incredible couple, all the best wishes to them.

Nail artist Shigeko Taylor painted Joe‘s nails with a black nail polish and decorated them with little rhinestones, mimicking the design of the suit; his impeccable grooming was courtesy of Marissa Machado.

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