Stylist: Sophie Lopez assisted by Thanda Sheree
Outfit: Miu Miu
Makeup Artist: Valeria Ferreira using Tata Harper Skincare and Prada Beauty
Hairstylist: Leigh Keates
Shoes: Miu Miu
Jewelry: Kevork Khatcherian | Azlee

I am currently watching “Fallout” on Amazon Prime Video because my best friend is a lover of everything related to games and tech.

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Embed from Getty Images

I have to admit that I come from a household where I could not decide what to watch on TV and since I didn’t want to engage in arguments, I simply let go. Once I moved out, my friend taught me everything I needed to know about cinema and television, and I am truly grateful for it.

Now, this series wouldn’t have probably been my cup of the tea in the past, but with time and maturity I became increasingly aware of politics and the world around me, which in turn changed me completely.

Now I do look for engaging topics and this series felt right to me. That’s why today I want to honor it by writing about it.

For the London premiere, one of the main characters, actress Ella Purnell, wore a Miu Miu navy wool and silk ensemble made up of jacket and shorts, embellished with pearl and sequin embroidery, paired with black Miu Miu patent leather slingbacks with buckles.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Sophie Lopez

Ella completed her ensemble with Kevork Khatcherian Poem pear-shaped diamond earrings and an Azlee Staircase ring on her left index finger among others.

The choice of this particular outfit is telling and rooted in what we now call “method dressing”, something Zendaya and stylist Law Roach taught us from early on.

If you know about the series, you’ll now that Ella‘s costume is blue and gold and given the Star Wars‘ feel the set has, the embroideries and their machine-like appearance doesn’t come as a surprise and is perfectly spot-on.

Something fans have noticed and appreciated too.

The actress has such big and beautiful eyes, probably the joy of many makeup artists.

For this premiere, Ella collaborated with Valeria Ferreira, who played with the silver tones of the jacket and shorts–she was also open to share the products she used with her Instagram followers, here they are if you’d like to replicate the look:

Tata Harper Skincare to prep the skin;
Prada Beauty – Reveal Foundation in ‘MN40‘;
– Prada Beauty – Dimensions Eyeshadow in ‘02 PROFUSION‘;
Prada Beauty – Monochrome Lipstick in Beige.

Leigh Keats styled the “Yellowjackets” actress hair in a simple ponytail, using Living Proof products and Cloud Nine hair tools.

The dress was intricate enough, the perfect hairdo that wouldn’t clash with everything else was definitely this one, even an updo would have probably been too much, what was needed here was simplicity.

Ella often works with stylist Sophie Lopez, another woman with a great point of view and refreshing take on clothes. She’s lively, colorful, whimsical and it’s a much needed break from the very serious stylists who equate chic to just black.

I discovered Lopez thanks to her work with Kate Hudson, someone who lives and breathes fashion, so you can bet she knows how good Sophie is at what she does.


Fallout is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series created by Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet for Amazon Prime Video.

It is based on the role-playing video game franchise created by Tim Cain.

Ella Purnell stars as Lucy MacLean, a young Vault Dweller.

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