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Stylist: Erica Cloud assisted by Olivia Smith
Outfit: Dzojchen
Groomer: Sonia Lee using Epicutis and SpoiledChild and Balmain Hair
Hairstylist: Sera Sloane
Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples
Shoes: Warren Alfie Baker x Scarosso
Watch: Panerai
Jewelry: Capsule Eleven

Spring has sprung and there’s nothing better to celebrate it than to write about florals and colors that evoke a sense of peacefulness and joy for life.

That’s what I found while digging through my archives, in an effort to translate nature into clothes.

The embodiment of these emotions and visuals was actor Dan Stevens attending the Hollywood premiere of “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire“.

For the occasion, Stevens channeled his inner Trapper (his character) by wearing a Dzojchen Specialty Japanese Gold Silk Brocade 3-Piece Suit from the ‘Make It To Moonlight‘ collection, paired with Warren Alfie Baker x Scarosso Warren Tan Suede boots and Oliver Peoples Hollins glasses with rectangular black frames and tinted lenses.

Look 5 – Photo courtesy of Dzojchen

I’d like you to pay close attention to the jewelry he wore for the occasion: a gold Capsule Eleven Egyptian Nefer Symbol Hoop Earring on his left ear, a gold square one on his right ear and a Capsule Eleven Jewel Beneath Signet Ring in sterling silver and black onyx on his left middle finger.

To complete the look, he opted for a Panerai Luminor Marina watch with a blue dial and stainless steel strap.

His grooming was courtesy of Sonia Lee who used the science-based skincare line Epicutis and products by SpoiledChild and Balmain Hair while his slightly parted short hairdo was the work of Sera Sloane.

Erica Cloud styled him for the occasion, in a twist from his previous collaborator Michael Fisher.

Dan Stevens is an eclectic personality and I find his style very interesting because he challenges social norms, he subverts what’s feminine and what’s masculine, what’s odd and what isn’t, with immense simplicity.

He doesn’t make a manifesto out of it, you just need to embrace him for who he is, and nowadays it is always more difficult, that’s why I think he is a breath of fresh air–did you notice his lilac nail polish matching the flowers on his suit?

That’s what I am talking about, little details that make a difference, without making it a spectacle, because it isn’t the first time he does it.

Cloud has extensive experience in styling multifaceted men with complex minds like Dan Levy or Robert Downey Jr., so I am sure this was just a breeze. Also, I liked the fact that the stylist nodded to the costumes Dan wears in the movie which are very Summer-y and Floridian.


Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is a 2024 American monster film directed by Adam Wingard.

Produced by Legendary Pictures, it is a sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), and the fifth film in the MonsterVerse franchise. It is also the 38th film of the Godzilla franchise and the 13th film in the King Kong franchise.

Dan Stevens plays Trapper, a confident and laid-back Monarch veterinarian, introduced as an old friend of Dr. Ilene Andrews‘ (played by Rebecca Hall) who’s called in to replace Kong‘s infected tooth.

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