Stylist: Jason Bolden assisted by Star Burleigh
Outfit: custom Atelier Versace by Donatella Versace
Makeup Artist: Terrell Mullin using Armani Beauty
Hairstylist: Coree Moreno
Manicurist: Gina Oh
Shoes: Versace
Jewelry: Shiffon Co. | Piaget

Cynthia Erivo‘s outfit for the 2020 Oscar Afterparty was so playful and full of life, just like her. We absolutely need to analyze it, because I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with it too.

For the party, Erivo wore an incredible custom Atelier Versace lilac and aquamarine gown, expertly constructed in the moulage draping technique. The ensemble was inspired by the designs of the Spring Summer 2020 collection.

While searching for meaningful anecdotes regarding her outfit, I came across an interesting article by that referred to her jewelry choice: “Cynthia Erivo, wore stacked diamond-accented pinky rings that have a hidden message.

Shiffon Co. Duet Pinky ring in 14k yellow gold and white diamond
Shiffon Co. Duet Pinky ring in sterling silver and white sapphire

Each Duet Pinky ring, made by fine jewelry brand Shiffon Co., is meant to remind its wearer of a “pinky promise” to pay it forward. Two sustainably sourced white or purple sapphires or diamonds cap off each end of the spiral rings, which are available in sterling silver as well as 14k and 18k gold.

The stones are meant to symbolize two women empowering each other—and the company puts its money where its mouth is. Shiffon Co. funnels half of each sale of its pinky rings (which range in price from $90-$640 each) as well as 10% of all other sales into seed grants for female-focused ventures.”

This was such a minor and almost unperceivable detail but it symbolizes Cynthia‘s kind heart in a very special way.

The majority of the jewelry she was wearing was courtesy of Piaget: three Rose rings in white gold and diamonds on her right hand, another one on her left index finger, two Possession full paved white gold diamond rings on her left index finger and ring finger, a diamond jewelry set of Golden Oasis high jewelry pieces, a pair of diamond earrings and a pair of Rose earrings.

Erivo‘s nails were a real work of art, courtesy of manicurist Gina Oh. They represented two different kinds of starry nights: one by Vincent Van Gogh on her left hand and that seen by Harriet Tubman while she helped her people escape from slavery.

Tubman notoriously traveled by night, guided by the North Star (if you can’t understand the reference, just know that the actress played the American abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman in the movie ‘Harriet‘).

The constellations depicted on the nails

These were the products used:
– Gel extensions by Apré Nail;

Louboutin Beauty – nail Primer;
Louboutin Beauty – ‘Mula Lisa‘;
Louboutin Beauty – ‘Miss mars‘;
Louboutin Beauty – ‘Khôl‘;
Louboutin Beauty – ‘Goldissima‘;
Louboutin Beauty – ‘Bianca‘;
Young Nails rhinestones; Brush-on glue and opalescent flakes.

And what about the makeup? You may ask.

Here are all the details, directly from Terrell Mullin‘s Instagram (the look was the same as the Oscars’ red carpet):
Armani Beauty – Luminous Silk Foundation in 11 and 8.5;
Armani BeautyPower Fabric concealer in 12;
Armani BeautyEye Tint in ‘Camel Smoke‘ with ‘Eyes To Kill‘ Eyeshadow Quad;
– Armani Beauty – Neo Nude A-Blush;
Armani Beauty – Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Color liquid lipstick in ‘Sand‘;
– Lashes by D’Lashes.

All the products pictured are only those explicitly specified by the MUA

Her hairstylist Coree Moreno used a Dove Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel. Take a look below to see his tools.

Courtesy of Coree Moreno
Courtesy of Coree Moreno


Cynthia Erivo was nominated in the categories Best Actress for her role as Harriet Tubman in Harriet and Best Original Song for “Stand Up” which she co-wrote with Joshuah Brian Campbell for the movie–she also performed it on stage during the award show.


Harriet is a 2019 American biographical film about abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Tubman (born Araminta Ross) was also a political activist.

Born into slavery, she escaped and subsequently made about 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, including family and friends, using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. During the American Civil War, she served as an armed scout and spy for the Union Army. In her later years, she was also an activist in the movement for women’s suffrage.

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