Stylist: Katie Qian assisted by Abby Gordon
Outfit: Harris Reed by Harris Reed
Groomer: Melissa DeZarate
Shoes: Marc Jacobs supplied by Lidow Archive
Collar: Dries Van Noten supplied by Artifact New York
Jewelry: Anabela Chan | Swarovski

I remember last August when I saw Conan Gray attending the MTV Video Music Awards and how I instantly grabbed my phone and started taking screenshots of what he was wearing. Of course telling myself: “One day you’ll write about it”. Well, that day is today.

For the award show, Gray donned a Harris Reed up-cycled wedding dress from the Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection. Originally stemming from the ‘FOUND‘ collection, “all its looks were created from old bridal and grooms-wear to create a Fluid Demi Couture fantasy” as reported by the Creative Director Harris Reed himself.

1st picture is courtesy of Jason Lloyd Evans – Look 4 | 2nd picture is courtesy of Lidow Archive | 3rd picture is courtesy of Abby Gordon | 4th picture is courtesy of Umberto Fratini / | 5th picture is courtesy of Lidow Archive

He paired the look with Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear silver lurex Kiki boots and vintage black lace gloves. One of the most astonishing details of his outfit was his black Dries Van Noten beaded Edwardian collar with droplet sequins from the Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection.

Last picture is courtesy of Kim Weston Arnold /

His jewelry consisted of Anabela Chan black diamond shard earrings and a Swarovski pendant drop necklace.

Conan‘s grooming was courtesy of the graceful Melissa DeZarate who is a master at taming curls. His face didn’t need anything more, seen the already dramatic nature of the dress.

His stylist Katie Qian caught my attention thanks to singer Sabrina Claudio some time ago and I specifically appreciate her because she is able to make Claudio‘s curves stand out without concealing them or dressing her in something bland. Sabrina always wears the most incredible, sexiest outfits with an innate grace, and I love it.

Qian has the capacity to translate an artist’s vision without making it seem forced. The ensembles she creates are cohesive and the brands she chooses surprise me constantly. When she digs into the archives, she makes me dream.

Take this specific outfit: the Dries Van Noten collar is a gift to true connoisseurs as well as the Marc Jacobs Kiki boots (I am personally obsessed with platform shoes and I wear them daily, so trust me, I know).

Give her a follow, you won’t stop scrolling her Instagram feed.


Conan Gray performed “Disaster” and “Memories” on the Extended Play Stage (wearing an orange Maison Valentino ensemble–see below).

From @conangray’s Instagram – Red Carpet
Courtesy of Katie Qian – Performance outfit
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