Charlie Le Mindu

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Charlie Le Mindu
Photo courtesy of L'Oréal

Charlie Le Mindu is a French-born hairstylist and headpiece designer.

Charlie was raised by a Spanish gypsy rugby player father and a French drag king mother–he got his start playing with his mother’s hair and shaving the hair off his Barbie dolls–he began his career as a hairstylist at the age of 13.

Wanting traditional training, Le Mindu’s introduction to the world of coiffure was in a countryside salon and during this time he met Caroline Martial, the lead singer of French electronic music duo, Kop Bambino. She took Le Mindu under her wing and introduced him to relevant and fashionable people like Madonna and Cher.

After studying at the French Hair Academy, at 17 years old Le Mindu went on to establish himself as ‘Resident Hairdresser’ at Berlin nightclubs White Trash, RIO Club and Barbie Deinhoff’s after performing a series of ‘Live Cuts’ (he didn’t know either German nor English, he only knew how to cut hair).

London, where he spent eight years following Berlin, became the defining city for Le Mindu’s work. Inspired by the city’s creativity and the ‘new rave’ movement, he soon began to make waves in the fashion world. Launching his own label at London Fashion Week in 2009, collaborations with Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey and Florence and the Machine soon followed. He subsequently debuted eight collections, and worked on projects with Selfridges, Liberty’s and Harrods.

Le Mindu also operated a salon from his East London home, and his regular clientele includes Carri Mundane, Peaches and Jodie Harsh.

A regular contributor to Vogue Russia, Elle and French Vogue, in recent years he has collaborated with large companies such as Chanel, Walt Disney, L’Oréal, Tommy Hilfiger and Camper.

You can check his personal website HERE

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