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Stylist: Storm Pablo
Tailors: Mia Paranto, Anthony Garcia (sleeve drafting),
Marko Guillén, Thao H, Katie Casey, Karine Gasparyan x 7thBoneTailoring
Outfit: custom Burberry by Riccardo Tisci
Hairstylist: Ybelka Hurtado
Barber: Christopher Dilan Vargas
Groomer: Erica Sauer
Shoes: Burberry
Glasses: L’Enchanteur
Hair accessories: Lelet NY

Today I wanted to make my life very complicated by writing about a subject that required me a lot of research but that at the same time draws a picture of what it means to care about those who make a look happen.

Brands and creative directors come and go, even though they leave their mark in our conscience and nowadays the way someone can be on everyone’s mouth one day and bankrupt the next is astonishing.

What I want you to take from what I do is the care I have for the human aspect of fashion, even though I am well aware that it’s a business and a lot of people are in it for the money–I’d be very naïve if I thought otherwise.

On this Wednesday I am reminiscing about Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny attending the 2022 MET Gala, especially because he was just announced as a co-chair for this year’s edition.

I think what he wore in 2022 created buzz but there was little attention for what truly mattered about his ensemble, so I am here to dish about my findings with you, especially because I think it is not so straightforward.

For the event, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (it’s his real name) donned a custom Burberry soft fawn wool linen boilersuit with puff sleeves and a detachable skirt, worn with a white cotton poplin shirt, a black tie and white and soft fawn leather Burberry brogues.

In a getting ready video interview for Vogue, the rapper said that for inspiration he researched what went on in his country Puerto Rico during the Gilded Age, and he found out that women used to wear puff collars and the men more tailored suits.

Photo is courtesy of the Teodoro Vidal Collection, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

His stylist Storm Pablo gave more insight into the shapes of the outfit: “We definitely wanted to keep things authentic to where he’s coming from […]. The puffy shoulders, we actually even wanted them more puffy over here (editor’s note: pointing at the top) as you can see.”

They mixed the men’s looks with women’s fashion, and a dress like this was something that they have never done before; many people also speculated online that the look could be a little nod to his retired school teacher mother Lysaurie Ocasio, hence why the L’Enchanteur eyeglasses that he was seen wearing in some shots.

His septum and diamond huggies have been part of his attire before, while he also wore a gold ring with diamonds and a black gem on his right pinky finger.

Benito‘s family is an important part of his life and it is said that he preferred being at home making music when he was starting out so he could stay off the streets and his family was supportive of his passion even though they lived in poverty.

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One of the most striking aspects of his look was his hairstyling courtesy of Ybelka Hurtado, who used Lelet NY Poppy Petite Combs to secure his curls and baby hairs, a practice rooted in Black history.

These little combs are made out of antique gold and Swarovski pearls.

In a Spanish interview for Al Momento, I was able to find some more information related to what Hurtado did with his hair, and apparently they even planned to wear a hat but he was not convinced, so she suggested him to do something with his hair. Everything was quite spontaneous since there wasn’t a lot of time to plan, and the entertainer chose the simplest pieces to put in his hair.

Ybelka also shared that she cherishes this experience because she thinks Bad Bunny is a visionary and daring man, even if he’s young and does a lot for his community.

The makeup was courtesy of groomer Erica Sauer, who made sure his skin looked supple and soft, blending out the little imperfections on his face.

If you look carefully, you can also see him sporting a short, creamy manicure that matches his outfit (as always we will make sure to update this space in case we find out if he did it himself or if there was a professional involved).

Honestly, this was one of my favorite looks from the MET Gala 2022. Many men don’t even put in the effort when it comes to following the theme, whereas Bad Bunny and his stylist Storm Pablo pulled out all the references linked to his heritage, creating something unexpected, interesting and fun.

I prefer looking at something wanting to know more like in this case, rather than taking a glance at an outfit once, not feeling anything because it’s the same trite black suit.

I love entertainment, innovation, taking risks and I think this ensemble was a hidden gem not very much understood by the audience.

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