Andrew Mukamal

Andrew Mukamal
Courtesy of Andrew Mukamal's Instagram

Andrew Mukamal is a celebrity fashion stylist.

He was born in New York, raised in Scarsdale, and educated in Virginia.

After graduating from The University of Virginia he moved back home to NYC, where he started working as much as possible as a freelance stylist assistant.

After a few short months, he was offered a job at People’s Revolution as the assistant to the CEO, where he worked for a year.

Since then, he has been working primarily as a freelance stylist and consultant, resulting in his joining the fashion department at Seventeen Magazine.

He is now most notably known for his work on Zoë Kravitz. Friends before they were fashion co-conspirators, Mukamal first met the singer-actress nearly a decade ago through his (then) boyfriend.

Some of his celebrity clients are (and were) Kaia Gerber, Margot Robbie, Billie Eilish, Carey Mulligan and Lily-Rose Depp.

He is represented by Streeters and you can find his portfolio HERE

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