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Stylist: Warren Alfie Baker
Outfit: Gucci by Sabato De Sarno
Groomer: Christine Nelli
Shoes: Gucci
Jewelry: Pyrrha

The actors’ strike has finally ended and with it comes a myriad of new events and premieres to write about.

Even though we do not work chronologically, we like to intertwine new events with past events and nonetheless, it proved extremely difficult over time.

But let’s jump into the LACMA Art + Film Gala, which took place over a week ago. First person who caught our attention? Actor Andrew Garfield.

For the occasion, Garfield donned a head-to-toe bright red Gucci ensemble with white accents paired with–what seemed to be–black Gucci Men’s Blondie ankle boots.

One little gem of this look was his barely visible necklace, which upon further digging seems to be a sterling silver Pyrrha Direction talisman. According to the brand’s website, “the compass rose on the talisman helps you find direction and keeps you on the path to your heart’s true desires”.

The actor is a very spiritual person so this “hidden message” through an accessory doesn’t come as a surprise. The talismans were two but the second one was impossible to identify. We also assume that the watch he was wearing was an Omega, but it was pretty much always covered by his sleeves and we don’t want to provide a wrong identification for the sake of accuracy.

Andrew‘s grooming was courtesy of Christine Nelli, who styled his hair in luscious waves. I swear, the softness is palpable through the screen.

Another noteworthy thing about the look was that it was part of Gucci‘s first steps into formal menswear under the new creative direction of Sabato De Sarno, indeed other celebrities such as Elliot Page, A$AP Rocky and Pedro Pascal wore other looks from the same new line.

Speaking of formal, Garfield was styled by Warren Alfie Baker, a true connoisseur of the genre.

Classic suits, warm palettes and vintage are his bread and butter, which he pours into the many outfits he chooses for his clients. The actor truly has been rising in the fashion ranks thanks to Baker and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Warren had the skills to shift what is perceived as elegant and what is not, putting colors at the forefront.

Yes, black suits do pop out on a red carpet from time to time, but he teaches us that they are not all there is available to us.


According to the event’s official statement: “On Saturday November 4, 2023, notables from the art, film, fashion, and entertainment industries gathered at LACMA for its twelfth annual Art+Film Gala honoring artist Judy Baca, along with leading American filmmaker David Fincher.

LACMA trustee Eva Chow and actor Leonardo DiCaprio will co-chaired the event for the twelfth consecutive year.”


“Proceeds from the annual Art+Film Gala go toward underwriting LACMA’s initiative to make film more central to the museum’s curatorial programming, while also funding LACMA’s broader mission. This includes exhibitions, acquisitions, and educational programming, in addition to screenings that explore the intersection of art and film.

The Art+Film Gala was once again made possible by Gucci‘s longstanding and generous support.”

Additional support was provided by Audi.

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