Photographer: Griffin Lipson
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Stylist: Marc Forné assisted by Gabriela Alvarado and @santosantosantoss
Outfit: custom Prada
Makeup Artist: Rommy Najor using Rabanne Makeup
Facialist: Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine
Hairstylist: Charlie Le Mindu assisted by Brandi Voorhees and @lalimerence
Colorist: Jacob Schwartz assisted by Sammie Hise using Schwarzkopf x MèCHE Salon LA
Manicurist: Mei Kawajiri using Manucurist
Shoes: Prada
Brooch: Emmanuel Tarpin
Watch: Hublot
Jewelry: Spinelli Kilcollin

As many of you know, most of the time I like to bring you the most interesting outfits to analyze, in an effort not to see fashion as something merely related to consumerism (even though I know it is easier said than done).

I love starting conversations and delighting you with anecdotes, especially when they are deeply tied with the past of a brand, almost mirroring what I do here, which is writing about many things that are not current.

In this vein, I’m thrilled to shine a light on what Troye Sivan wore to this year’s MET Gala.

Photo 1 and 2 are courtesy of Griffin Lipson
Photo 3 – (Look 3) is courtesy of Marcio Madeira
Photo 4 and 5 – (Look 7) are courtesy of Marcio Madeira and Don Ashby

According to the Italian fashion house: “Sivan‘s custom was a re-edition of pieces from the Prada Fall-Winter 2008 Menswear collection, a study of coded duality: masculine and feminine, glossy and matte, buttoned and cinched, day and night.

The silhouette was sharp with a modernized poplin cummerbund emphasized by low-slung kid mohair trousers and a cropped, halter waistcoat layered over a fitted poplin shirt. A detachable collar spoke to the ensemble’s engagement with ideas of versatility.”

The fit was paired with black Prada square toe lace-up shoes.

In an interview conducted for Vogue by the inimitable José CrialesUnzueta, Fashion News Writer at Vogue Runway, Sivan explained in better detail how he and his stylist Marc Forné stayed true to the theme by working with Prada on a custom look based on one of the brand’s most iconic menswear collections.

“The way Marc and I approached it, and the way in which it felt really exciting to us, was by thinking of ‘reawakening fashion’. We interpreted it as an opportunity to look back at the Prada archives and find our favorite Prada moment and bring it back to life. […] It’s timeless and chic but also subversive and has a little wink to it. […] It’s classic while still being extremely sexy”.

As Unzueta expertly put it, for that collection ‘Miuccia Prada perverted the menswear corporate uniform by hybridizing it with lingerie and bondage straps, merging sobriety with a sense of fetish the way only she could do’.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

One of the most precious things about this look was the attention to detail reserved for the accessories: a light blue Emmanuel TarpinButterfly and the Morning Dew‘ brooch on the blond heartthrob’s right ankle, a black Hublot Big Bang Original Steel Diamonds 38 mm watch on his left wrist, a Spinelli Kilcollin Indus Silver Gris double ring in sterling silver with optional gray diamonds on his left hand and a Spinelli Kilcollin Serpens platinum pavé ring on his right index finger.

Last photo is courtesy of Griffin Lipson

The makeup was airy and soft but with an edge; makeup artist Rommy Najor applied some gloss on the Aussie entertainer’s eyelids and proceeded with a sheer mauve brown balm on the lips. To add a punk-ish feel to the look, a fake eyebrow piercing was glued on Troye‘s left eyebrow, which matched his nose piercing perfectly.

Here below you’ll find the beauty breakdown, courtesy of an Instagram post by Najor–all products used were from Rabanne Makeup (the list was edited for clarity):

Last photo is courtesy of Rommy Najor

Rabanne Makeup – Metal Shot Multi-Use Metal Amplifier;
Rabanne MakeupClear Gloss from the ‘All Lights On MeEyephoria Mini Eyeshadow Palette Duo;
Rabanne MakeupLovebalm Hydrating Lip Balm in ‘011 Soul Kiss‘.

The “One Of Your Girls” singer’s hair was styled in an effortless short, wavy do, which was dyed by colorist Jacob Schwartz in a blond hue using Schwartzkopf products.

Photo courtesy of Mei Kawajiri

And did you look at Troye‘s nails? They literally looked like a sky full of stars. The technique resembled that of a vignette effect, where you darken the corners of a photo compared to its center.

The nail artist behind this clever implementation of the colors present in the blond Aussie’s outfit was Mei Kawajiri who was kind enough to share the products she used with her followers.

Here they are if you’d like to replicate this manicure at home:

“- Manucurist – ‘Licorice‘ Green Flash LED Gel Polish;
Manucurist – ‘Lisa Lilas‘ Green Flash LED Gel Polish;
Manucurist – Active Shine Polish as a top coat;
Manucurist – Huile Verte cuticle oil.”

Stylist Marc Forné and Troye Sivan are proving to be a well balanced duo when it comes to red carpet dressing. Forné‘s style is casual but refined, with attention to tailoring without it being too strict, leaving room to play.

When we talk about Sivan, we also know that he plays with his petite build and his sexuality which he expresses in several different ways, sometimes leaning into his masculine side and sometimes leaning into his feminine side-this symmetry makes Troye stand out in a pool of well dressed men who often don’t even try.

Video courtesy of Troye Sivan
Video courtesy of Charlie Le Mindu
@highsnobiety It’s ok @Troye Sivan we’re sweaty too! Troye stepped to the #metgala in new Prada! #troyesivan #prada ♬ original sound – highsnobiety
Video courtesy of Mei Kawajiri
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