Tom Eerebout

Tom Eerebout
Photo courtesy of Tom Eerebout's Instagram

Tom Eerebout is a celebrity fashion stylist from Belgium. He is part of the House of Gaga and he is part of a stylist duo with Sandra Amador.

They met through common acquaintances, since Sandra was an assistant for Brandon Maxwell who at the time was assisting Nicola Formichetti, former Gaga’s personal design director till 2012. Tom was assisting Anna Trevelyan, Formichetti’s former assistant, so they eventually had the chance to meet.

In 2018 Brandon Maxwell was very busy with his clothing line which was rapidly expanding, so he metaphorically handed his torch to Tom and Sandra, who overlook Gaga’s personal style till the present day.

Having worked close to Gaga for a long time, they are used to her pace and they put so much teamwork behind every one of her appearances. They were extremely crucial in her transition from music to screen, because press tours around the world needed a strong force behind them in order to succeed.

Eerebout also pursues styling on his own and some of his most notable clients are: Banks, Rita Ora, Rebecca Ferguson and Kylie Minogue.

You can visit his personal website HERE

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