Taylor Russell at “Bones and All” Red Carpet – Venice Film Festival 2022

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Stylist: Ryan Hastings
Outfit: custom Balenciaga Couture by Demna Gvasalia
Makeup Artist: Nina Park
Hairstylist: Lacy Redway
Shoes: Balenciaga

Taylor Russell is one of my favorite actresses and an inspiring fashion connaisseuse.

Last year she enchanted the crowd of the Venice Film Festival with both her charm and her style and that’s why I’d love to write about her today.

For the “Bones and All” red carpet, Russell donned a custom light green shoulderless Balenciaga dress with a bow in the front attached to a mini dress in the back from the Fall 2022 Couture collection.

The actress paired it with white gloves instead of the black ones from the lookbook, black stockings and structured black pointy pumps.

Some months ago, the Black beauty explained the details of some of her looks for a video interview for Harper’s Bazaar and coincidentally this dress was in the mix, so I’d like to report here what she had to say about it:

“When I was thinking about how I wanted to feel, which is mostly what I’m thinking about when I’m choosing an outfit, it just felt very Old Hollywood. I just love the length here [pointing at the skirt] and that it feels, you know, what is it like a, you know, a mullet [referencing a mullet-wearer] and it’s business in the front and party in the back. And it’s the reverse of that [laughing].

It could work either ways, I think, with this dress, but definitely the party’s in the back based on how short it is, which also is unexpected, and what I love about the design of this, you have this really classic long dress at the front. This part [pointing at the front], was very heavy, and to make the shape, you had to kind of punch your hands out while you’re wearing it. So it did take a little bit of work for me, and I was thinking about that the whole time. Like, ‘Oh, I have to push my hands out in order for it to have the correct shape’.

Yes, so we have a little bow here at the front of the dress, and I love that it’s not a typical bow at the front, but I just, I like all the colors in this outfit. I wear black and white a lot and I like that they were kind of in the background in this outfit, and I loved that it was green. I thought about it in other colors, like if maybe it was white or black or yellow or something. But it felt really unique to have that color.”

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Her natural makeup–giving off a Zoë Kravitz-esque vibe–was courtesy of none other than her MUA Nina Park, a master when it comes to make makeup feel and look like skin. I loved that the pro let Taylor‘s vitiligo come through without covering it, just enhancing her eyes with a little flick of black eyeliner and a nude lip to seal the deal.

When it came to Russell‘s hair, Lacy Redway said that she played with some vintage shapes and that the aesthetic was classic and chic. The result was a sleek bob with a very deep side part. A style that very few can rock.

Of course we cannot say if someone did her nails because they were covered but what we can say is that she was styled by Ryan Hastings.

Hastings is rarely seen out and about with his clients but his styling speaks for him. I can instantly recognize when someone is styled by him and this should truly tell you something about the quality and respectability of his work.

The taste is truly refined when it comes to vintage ensembles and he also never makes the easiest choice when presented with different “trendier” options. I think highly of people who risk and never settle for comfortable circumstances–don’t get me wrong, it shouldn’t be like this all the time–but when it comes to celebrity styling I think you can push a little further and make us dream some more.

Taylor is a humble artist to watch, listen to and appreciate, don’t miss out.


Bones and All is a 2022 coming-of-age romantic cannibal road film directed by Luca Guadagnino from a screenplay by David Kajganich, based on the 2015 novel of the same name by Camille DeAngelis.

Taylor Russell plays the role of Maren Yearly.

Video courtesy of @bonesandallfilm’s Instagram stories
Video courtesy of @bonesandallfilm’s Instagram stories
Video courtesy of @bonesandallfilm’s Instagram stories
Video courtesy of @bonesandallfilm’s Instagram stories
Video courtesy of @bonesandallfilm’s Instagram stories
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