Stylist: Dianne Garcia
Outfit: Versace by Donatella Versace
Makeup Artist: Samuel Paul using Pat McGrath
Lashes: Glam Activist
Hairstylist: Randy Stodghill using Oribe
Headpiece: Chrishabana
Teardrops: Chrishabana x Willy Chavarria
from their Autumn/Winter collaboration
Boots: Versace
Jewelry: Djula diamond rings

Entertainer SZA walked the red carpet of her first MET Gala in 2018 for the one themed: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination–and she stunningly nailed it.

She wore an Atelier Versace silk tulle, multi-layered pink gown with fitted jewel-embellished bodice from the Spring Summer 2018 collection and thigh-high bejeweled boots–you can watch the video lookbook, here.

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One of the creations of the late master Luigi Massi and the DV Team.

Makeup artist Samuel Paul detailed his process in this Instagram post and he used Pat McGrath products and Glam Activist lashes in the style Impeach to achieve the look.

The inspiration was The Virgin Mary as her MUA stated in an interview for Refinery29: “The inspiration for SZA’s look started with the blush toned tulle Versace Couture gown and images of Renaissance religious paintings of saints and The Virgin Mary. At the same time, we wanted to keep in the SZA vibe of full lashes and nude lips, but add an ethereal opulence for the gala.”

“As for the gold tears, they were added to evoke the crying Virgin Mary, as seen in many statues and fashion editorials with a religious theme.”

Jewelry designer Chris Habana collaborated with stylist Dianne Garcia to create a custom halo to put on SZA‘s head–click here for the backstage video.

In an interesting Paper Magazine interview, the jewelry designer described the process and challenges of creating that beautiful halo that set on the singer’s head: “While we wanted to make sure to create a nod to angelic halos with our headpiece, we wanted to add that minimalistic and sharp line to the piece. We were all in agreement with SZA that the piece had to be as thin and light as possible, and the cast stars had to be graphic. I also wanted to make sure the stars had aggressive points to them, but I like the sleekness most I think.”


“…the timeline was nuts. We got the call from Dianne on Saturday, April 28th. We decided on two halos last Tuesday, and we literally finished them at 3:00 pm (on Monday, May 7th) before rushing them out and dropping them off. We didn’t know what they picked until SZA posted her photo on Instagram a few hours later.”

Be mindful that the gala was on that same day.

Her whole outfit matched her style of singing perfectly, too–give her a listen.

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