Sojin Oh

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Sojin Oh is a Korea-born (Seoul), Los Angeles based nail artist who creates otherworldly 3D manicures.

Trained by her father and grandfather in Seoye, an ancient Korean calligraphy, a former creative producer at Yeezy and American Apparel, Sojin decided to find her own path by enrolling at a nearby beauty school, where she had the chance to experiment with Bio-Seaweed Gel to create her own works of art.

Oh ran away to North America by herself when she was 15 to get away from her boyfriend at the time. Now living in Los Angeles, she has become a phenomenon in the nail world.

She takes her inspiration from her scuba diving lessons, which helped her understand the disastrous effects of global warming on the coral reefs, David Attenborough’s BBC documentaries, ‘weird’ nature photos, the Tasmanian naturalist Sarah Lloyd, road trips down the California coast and Björk–translating everything into nail creations to remind people of the importance of nature.

Her works have graced the hands of several celebrities such as Lil Nas X, Rosalía, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Hunter Schafer, Lil Miquela, Bebe Rexha and Rina Sawayama to name a few. She’s done the nails for a Björk photoshoot, for Chloe x Halle’s “Forgive Me Now” video, and Bad Bunny’s “Dakiti” video.

The draw of her work, too, is the fact that she also does nails that are a bit more everyday, but in a fresh-feeling way.

Sojin hopes to push gender boundaries and making nail art—particularly extensions—more commonplace for men and even to push the idea of nail art into new dimensions. Namely, edible nails and 3D printed nails, as well as more blob-like structures that defy the traditional look of nails as we know it.

Her commercial clients include Skims and YSL.