Stylist: Jeanne Yang assisted by Chloe Takayanagi
Outfit: custom Fendi by Silvia Venturini Fendi
Groomer: Mira Chai Hyde
Watch: Jacob & Co.
Shoes: Fendi
Jewelry: Jacob & Co.

It must have been a true emotion attending this year’s MET Gala for the new rising star Simu Liu. Finally, the presence of Asian-American personalities at such events is becoming not so uncommon as it was in the past.

Liu wore a white custom Fendi tuxedo, paired with black Fendi FF Baguette-motif loafers.

Simu‘s reasoning for choosing Fendi for this important event was meaningful and worth your attention, here is what he shared with his followers on his Instagram: “The Golden Age of Hollywood did not celebrate people who looked like me. We were excluded from the glamorous aesthetic of the times, and considered unworthy of the spotlight that celebrated slicked-back elegance and class.

That’s why I chose this look with my stylist Jeanne Yang and Fendi for the 2021 Met Gala – to reinsert ourselves into the narrative and to defy the boxes that society puts us in.

The theme of this year’s Met was ‘in America’. That’s why it was important for me to go and take up space. Asian people make up a crucial part of America and its history. And now, as always, we deserve to be shine under the brightest of lights.”

The star of the look was a Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Baguette Jewelry Planets Zodiac watch.

According to the jewelry company: “The piece represents a fully mechanical recreation of our solar system. In constant movement, the upper platform completes a clockwise rotation every ten minutes, while simultaneously driving the diamond-set and planetary base dial in a counterclockwise rotation in ten minutes to add further animation and complexity.

The 44mm 18k white gold and sapphire case reveals three colorful sphere-shaped gems representing planets and one yellow sapphire as the sun all featuring the exclusive Jacob-cut of 288 carats. The blue PVD dial displays zodiac signs that are hand-engraved and filled with 18K rose gold. This celestial scene floats over a base of baguette diamonds.”

On his left thumb he rocked a Jacob & Co. diamond band in stainless steel.

The famed groomer Mira Chai Hyde used a myriad of products by Benny Hancock, Glossier, House of Skuff, Jaxon Lane, Nars, Tatcha, Temptu and for tools Andis Clippers and Zen Master Scissors.

Look at that little strand of hair on his forehead, a truly chic touch that people literally adored.

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