Sigourney Nuñez

Sigourney Nuñez
Photo courtesy of Sigourney Nuñez

Sigourney Nuñez is a Mexican and Guatemalan licensed nail artist from South East Los Angeles.

She started her nail journey in 2013 when she launched a DIY nail art blog and used Instagram to share easy-to-recreate designs and techniques.

With a background in journalism, she previously worked as an editor at two of the leading nail publications in the United States.

She also led the North American education strategy for a global nail polish brand.

Recently she was named the first-ever manicurist for Pleasing – Harry Styles’ beauty brand.

Today, Nuñez is a full-time content creator and continues to share her passion for nail art and education through viral video content to show her online community how to expertly do their own nails at home.

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