Shellanee Marie (The Braid Parlor)

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Shellanee Marie, also known as The Braid Parlor, has been braiding hair for 20 years.

The Braid Parlor has been able to transform men, women and children from the inside out by providing hairstyling services.

Shellanee not only conducts thorough consultations, but she only does services she is confident in. Her goal is to provide the most efficient accommodations for her clients even if beyond her skill set.

She is known for her “gentle touch and growing hands.”

Among her clients there have been traumatized children and women who have gone years without protective hairstyling services due to less than favorable experiences, but with her background, knowledge and experience she was able to win them over.

Shellanee offers cornrows/feed-in braids, goddess braids, box braids, crochet braids/locs/twists, Marley and Savanah twists as well as sister locs and dreads, braid foundations and weave installations.

For the naturals, she also does braids and twists without adding hair.

Actress and songwriter Andra Day is one of her celebrity clients.