Shelby Swain

Shelby Swain is the go-to hairstylist for singer Lizzo.

The creative partnership between Lizzo and Swain has been going strong for over three years after they met on set for the 2016’s “Good as Hell” music video (Lizzo thought she was a model pretending to do hair). She did all of the girl’s hair and did touch-ups and maintained Lizzo’s throughout the video.

Swain believes their personalities mesh very well together and their mutual love is another factor that enables them to challenge each other to try fresh and exciting hairstyles.

Lizzo’s vision of her own is what allows Swain to play and be creative and come up with looks, without having to stay in the safe zone. Shelby knows what Lizzo likes, what she wants, what she probably wouldn’t want, so she is able to offer her only looks that work well for her.

Shelby Swain is a name synonymous with art and hair couture. She has worked with and styled for the most sought after celebrities and delivered her artistry for many of the world’s most esteemed outlets. Having worked in editorial, film, and all other facets of media and entertainment, Swain continues to bring excellence to the eye.

Her creativity and passion allows her to design fresh cutting edge styles that are sure to inspire. Her work is a statement of her own unique delicate interest and experiences. Simply put when you work with Shelby, you get an artistic partner, a muse and an architect.

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