Serge Normant

Serge Normant
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Serge Normant is one of the leading hairstylists in the fashion industry today.

Top fashion magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, W, Allure, Elle and Vogue, regularly book Normant for cover sittings, fashion and beauty stories.

Serge began his career in Paris under Bruno Pittini from the Jacques Dessange Salons, and after much success he moved to New York to pursue freelance work.

He has worked with an extensive range of advertising clients including Chanel, Estée Lauder, Clairol, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent.

In 2001, Serge published his first book, Femme Fatale, which examines hairstyling throughout the 20th century. His second book, Metamorphosis (2004), transforms the looks of well-known actresses and models from the contemporary to the extraordinary.

He has never defined women by categories, but embraces their differences to highlight their unique features. It is this curious, open-minded approach that he brings to his iconic, editorial work and his celebrity clientele. It has allowed him to create styles specific to each client.

Transforming the everyday into something magical is a dream that Serge Normant turns into reality using hair as the medium.

Serge has worked with some of the world’s biggest celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, Blake Lively, Julianne Moore, Katy Perry and Elizabeth Hurley, as well as supermodels Gisele Bündchen, Iman, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford to name a few. 

On the covers of top global fashion magazines and down countless red carpets and fashion shows, Serge has showcased his passion to transform tresses from everyday looks into elegant and sophisticated styles to the most avant-garde and glamorous.

He is represented by Statement Artists and you can find his portfolio HERE

You can shop his haircare line on his personal website HERE

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