Samantha Burkhart

Samantha Burkhart is a Los Angeles-based stylist.

Known for her versatility and playful approach, Burkhart is frequently enlisted by musicians such as Billie Eilish, Sia, Kesha, Rosalía, Lindsey Stirling, Bob Moses, and more for editorial shoots, album artwork, advertising campaigns, and iconic red carpet looks.

Her work has been published in publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Elle Czech, The New Yorker, and tmrw, among others.

Burkhart didn’t always want to be a stylist but fashion had its ways of finding her anyway.

She grew up watching her mother, an interior decorator, dressing in expensive designers like Kenzo or Dior, also acquiring pieces sourced from vintage auctions–and her her grandmother, an antiques dealer, who attended couture shows and bought pieces directly from those collections.

She attended an all-girls school in England till she was 10 and of course there was a strict uniform policy. She learnt what personal style was, just when she moved to Connecticut when she was 11.

Burkhart eventually applied to Parsons School of Design to study fashion design, but ultimately decided to study fine art at Columbia University.

She never considered styling, but she fell into it when (during the summer) she needed a short-term job. Her best friend was working for Mariah Carey’s manager and Mariah’s stylist at the time was Jessica Paster; that’s how Burkhart became Paster’s first assistant.

When the summer ended, Samantha reflected on her experience, thinking about the possible ways in which she could make it work on her own. Musicians were her thing, it became clear.

She had her big break with Sia in a time in which the artist didn’t want her face to be seen so the clothes did the talking–of course it was a success.

Then came Eilish in 2015, when she was still releasing her songs on SoundCloud and Burkhart’s husband suggested she listened to her songs, she was hooked from the start.

Burkhart was friends with Eilish’s publicist, who got her an introductory meeting with Eilish, but also with Eilish’s mom, Eilish’s managers and Eilish’s best friend Zoe. Samantha explained to Billie what a stylist was, even if she had her own unique style and she didn’t need one.

To this day, Burkhart says that she collaborates with the singer, putting the pieces together, thinking ahead of her.
Billie wears a lot of custom clothes and according to Burkhart it makes sense for her, since she is so unique.

In general, all the stylist’s clients wear custom pieces, from Rosalía to Poppy or from Diplo to Katy Perry. She trusts their instincts because they’re artists and their emotions and feelings can vary from a day to another, but as challenging as it seems, she probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is represented by The Wall Group and you can find her portfolio HERE

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