Rena Calhoun

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Rena Calhoun is a Los Angeles native trained at the esteemed Vidal Sassoon Academy before beginning her hairstyling career as salon assistant to Vidal’s Artistic Director, Tom Brophy.

Brophy helped Rena to refine classic cutting and styling techniques into a distinctly modern expression of her talent.

Years later, in pursuit of her freelance career, Rena began a rewarding creative mentorship under renowned session hairstylist, Adir Abergel. With Abergel’s guidance, Rena learned to sculpt and shape hair in truly innovative ways, leading to the cutting-edge yet understated visual style that now characterizes her work.

The collaborative process inherent to her work is among the most gratifying aspects of Rena’s career and fuels her innate creativity.

Rena’s celebrity clients include Kat McNamara, Staz Lindes, Maria Sharapova, Sadie Stanley, MØ and Kate Nash.

She is represented by A-Frame Agency and you can find her portfolio HERE

You can also visit her personal website HERE