Stylist: Chloe Delgadillo & Chenelle Delgadillo
assisted by @tylomichael and Brandon Salazar Tan
Outfit: custom Atelier Versace by Donatella Versace
Makeup Artist: Lilly Keys using Glossier
Hairstylist: Clayton Hawkins using Dove, Tangle Teezer and Living Proof
Hair accessories: custom Jennifer Behr x Betsey Johnson
Manicurist: Kimmie Kyees
Shoes: Versace
Jewelry: De Beers

Olivia Rodrigo is a beloved singer, actress and internet sensation. When it comes to fashion, she has scored multiple times, thanks also to her penchant for archival and vintage ensembles.

That being said, do you think we could have missed her wearing something even slightly reminiscent of the ’90s? Of course not, that’s why today we are happy to analyze what the former Disney star wore to last year’s MET Gala.

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Per the brand’s statement, Rodrigo opted for Gilded Age elegance with a lavender custom Atelier Versace dress.

1st picture is courtesy of Versace

“Inspired by the Gilded Age‘s reflection of opulence, the column dress is crafted entirely from hand-embroidered metal crystal mesh in a spring lavender tone. The design features a cowl neckline and an intricate rear corset with crystalized boning against nude tulle, emphasizing the era’s attention to enhancing the female form. Draped shoulder detailing and a leg slit complete the look.”

Her shoes of choice were a matching purple custom version of the Versace Medusa Aeternitas open-toe sandals (a model she has already worn other times).

She accessorized her look with De Beers Arpeggia three line earrings in 18kt white gold and diamonds, a Classic Eternity Line round brilliant diamond necklace in 18kt white gold, an Arpeggia three row ring in white gold on her right index finger and a Portraits of Nature Butterfly white diamond ring on her left middle finger.

The look came to be thanks to her love for Versace, indeed in a video interview for Vogue she mentioned her love for the brand, especially its archive pieces. She actually sent pictures of some of her favorites to the Versace team mixed with some ideas for the Gilded Age theme.

Regarding her astonishing makeup look, here is what her makeup artist Lilly Keys had to say related to her inspiration: “I feel like I’m really drawing from Hollywood’s gilded glamour and over-the-top opulence, rich colors and sparkle and just have that ethereal, dreamy, magical look but still with the rockstar edge.”

Courtesy of Lilly Keys
Courtesy of Lilly Keys
Courtesy of Lilly Keys

Olivia echoed that sentiment by mentioning that she has minor baby synesthesia, so when she listens to songs she sees colors and lots of songs on her record “Sour” are purple and she likes having purple as the cohesive color throughout her “Sour” era.

Keys used Glossier products to achieve the fairy-like result, here is her process, straight from her Instagram:

I prepped the skin with Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. After, I took Cloud Paint in Beam and blended onto the apples of the cheeks very lightly, adding a tiny bit to the bridge of the nose for that sun-kissed, healthy glow. Solar Paint bronzer was blended along the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and a tiny dusting on the chin to balance the face.

For highlighter, I’m obsessed with Futuredew, which can also be used as a dewy, glowy moisturizer, which I added to the high points of the face. I finished with a combination Haloscope in both Moonscape and Quartz along the tops of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and just above the cupid’s bow for glowy, dewy skin.

I wanted to achieve a thinner brow on Olivia for this look, so we brushed her brows to appear slimmer and took Brow Flick and extended the brow longer towards the outer corners.

To complement the iridescent sparkle of Olivia’s Versace dress, we used lavenders and lilacs in a combination of Lidstar and Monochromes on the eye. We went for a smoky eye look for Olivia, we wanted it to look dreamy and ethereal. I started with an eye base of Lidstar in Lily and added a combination of Monochomes in both Heather and Mist. To add to the that extra gilded ethereal drama, we added Lidstar in Moon to the center of the lid and under the brow bone.

To make the lavender eye color really pop, I used Glossier’s eyeliner in white. […] I put the white liner along the upper lash line and on the inner corners of the eye to help bring this siren, goddess meets rock star look to life.

To get the lip look, I started with a combination of Ultralip in cake, ember, cachet and trench, smudging the lipstick into the lips, smooshing just above the upper lip line with my fingers to give that just kissed look. To help add an extra layer of mystical beauty with a rock star edge, I finished the lip look with Lidstar in moon on her Cupid’s bow.”

According to the aforementioned Vogue video interview, here is what hairstylist Clayton Hawkins had to say regarding Olivia‘s coif: “I kind of was inspired by the Gilded Age and silent film era movie stars, where they would have these big, brushed-out waves, especially when they would take down updos”, the do was obviously modernized for a teenage rockstar.

Olivia and her team decided to put the butterflies through her hair on the way to the Gala.

Would you also like to know a little nugget of information regarding said butterflies?
Well, they were a collaboration between Jennifer Behr and Betsey Johnson, who also said that the pieces were inspired by her ‘97 NYC Spring/Summer runway show. Jennifer Behr reimagined them in custom printed lilac silk organza with Swarovski crystals.

Betsey Johnson SS97
Source: @slayomicuntbell on Tumblr
Betsey Johnson SS97
Source: @slayomicuntbell on Tumblr
Betsey Johnson SS97
Source: @slayomicuntbell on Tumblr

Rodrigo‘s long and wavy hairdo was courtesy of her go-to hairstylist and friend Clayton Hawkins who prepped her hair for the event using Dove products, including the Brilliant Gloss & Repair Serum, Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, and the 7-in-1 Miracle Mist (source: Bustle).

He also finished off the look with a Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Styler brush, which effortlessly brushed through her waves and created a shiny finish. The pro also used other Living Proof products to achieve the desired result.

Sadly there were no details regarding her manicure and pedicure online, but you could clearly spot her white nail polish under her sheer lilac Opera gloves that matched her pedi color. Everything was courtesy of manicurist Kimmie Kyees.

Olivia‘s stylists (and sisters) Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo were happy to give her her purple moment, that surprisingly didn’t happen till then (purple is the singer’s favorite color).

They also do a great deal of work when it comes to researching the best and most coveted vintage ensembles for their clients, leaving us always wanting for more.

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