Mimi Cuttrell

Mimi Cuttrell

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Mimi Cuttrell is a New York based fashion stylist widely-known for her red carpet and street style looks.

Her clients include: Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, Ava Max, Normani, Priyanka Chopra, Sara Sampaio, Nadine Leopold and Georgia Fowler to name a few.

She said she has always been the fashion girl of the family, but when she was in college, it was her mom who brought up styling as a profession, mentioning the fact that many people get dressed for red carpets.

That is where she got the idea to make it more mainstream for models.

She met Gigi Hadid through friends and the hashtag #styledbymigi (that you can see on her styling photos) came from the first fitting they had together–it was Gigi’s idea. The model knows what is best for her, and working in fashion she definitely knows the ins and outs; this means they collaborate together and Mimi always tries to push her to try new things.

Cuttrell also loves to connect with up-and-coming designers, noting that she definitely prefers a good craftsmanship over a big name brand that maybe does not have the same quality—this does not mean she does not like famous brands, anyway.

Mimi is based between New York and Los Angeles.

She is represented by A-Frame Agency and you can find her portfolio HERE

You can also visit her personal website HERE