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Stylist: Ryan Young
Outfit: custom Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière
Makeup Artist: Buster Knight using Florence by Mills
Hairstylist: Pete Burkill using Umberto Giannini and Foxy Locks
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Jewelry: Louis Vuitton High Jewelry

Millie Bobby Brown is a force of nature and it’s interesting to see her commitment to also being an Executive Producer for her own projects.

Her last one was “Damsel“, which turned out to be a very enjoyable movie, that will probably be loved by her fervent fanbase that sees in her a role model (something she is very much aware of).

What also struck me, was her dress for the New York premiere of the flick, a more experimental take on her style that has always felt very girly.

She has grown up before our eyes and has changed her creative direction sometimes, but that’s to be expected, because she is slowly finding her own path and she needs time to see what sticks and what not.

For the New York premiere, Brown donned an custom Louis Vuitton iridescent hand-embellished gown with over 15,000 sequins.

Photos are courtesy of Grégoire Vieille

The British actress paired it with black Louis Vuitton suede crystal Overnight Cross sandals, Louis Vuitton High Jewelry earrings, an Ever Blossom bracelet in white gold and diamonds on her right wrist, a diamond ring on her left index finger, plus her engagement ring.

In a video interview for Vogue, Millie explained that the dress symbolized dragon scales and since she is a victim in the film, she felt it was appropriate for her to instead be the dragon at the premiere.

She collaborated with her stylist Ryan Young and brought the idea to Louis Vuitton and then Ghesquière sent them the sketches from which they chose from. As Young explained, the design was pretty simple and the true magic was the pattern and the fabric–he wanted the dress to barely touch the ground, tailoring was a very important part of the process.

According to her makeup artist Buster Knight, the look was classic, romantic, Old Hollywood with a modern twist. To go with the dress, Knight applied a little sparkle in the inner corner of her eyes, and in the movie, the dragon’s blood is also sparkly, so it was a win win situation.

The majority of the products used was of course Millie‘s makeup and skincare line Florence by Mills.

The hair was styled by Pete Burkill in a long wavy middle parted do. The pro detailed how he achieved it on his Instagram and we’ll report it for you here (slightly edited and condensed for clarity):

“If you would like to recreate this look at home I used the new Umberto Giannini Blow Out Frizz Styling Cream, Fuzz Off Control Clay and The Frizz Oil from their new Frizz Fix range powered by vegan keratin and peptides.
For the length I added my faves Foxy Locks 26inch clip ins in shade Mochaccino and finished with a large barrel (38mm) curling tong.”

You can check this post for the full step-by-step tutorial, courtesy of Umberto Giannini.

As I mentioned before, Millie is now collaborating with stylist Ryan Young, and it is one of the first times I thought she truly embodied both her being a young adult woman and her character in a movie.

She personally loves infusing these little details into the dresses she wears to the premieres, she did it already with her Louis Vuitton flower dress for the “Enola Holmes 2” press tour.

What I see here is someone more mature and focused on the craftsmanship of the French luxury fashion house, a welcome change.


Damsel is a 2024 American dark fantasy film directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and written by Dan Mazeau

Millie Bobby Brown stars as Elodie, a girl who accepts a marriage proposal only to realize that she is being used to repay a royal family’s ancient debts, and must now escape while surviving attacks from the dragon lurking in the chasm.

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