Michina Koide

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Michina Koide is a freelance manicurist who was born and raised in Nagoya City, Japan, in 1998.

When Koide moved to Tokyo, she enrolled at the prestigious Mihori Kinoshita makeup and nail school to further develop her passion for nail art. After graduation, she worked on different magazine and test shoots and in 2001 she decided to move to NYC to expand her career.

Once there, she kept on working on magazine and TV shoots which cemented her reputation and eventually she brought up a family there.

A long time lover of painting and drawing, she discovered her love for makeup, hair, nails and clothes in high school and since she lived her childhood in Japan where the nail industry has always been very important, it all came naturally for her.

Her roster of clients includes Kate Upton, Ben Platt, Margaret Qualley, Deepika Padukone and FKA twigs among others.

She is represented by Art Department and you can find her portfolio HERE