Maxine Christians

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Maxine Christians is a professional makeup artist.

Maxine was born in Kimberly, South Africa and from a young age it was clear she would end up in the beauty industry.

She moved to LA when she was 13 and went to makeup school right after High School. Sadly she didn’t know anyone who could help her get into the field, so she worked in retail doing makeup and shooting for trade on her days off to expand her portfolio. Her sister who is a model, introduced her to a photographer and they worked together, gaining a lot of meaningful experience from that. Then, Christians started working at a makeup agency, before assisting other established makeup artists. This was what changed her path forever.

She started out by doing FX makeup, but a firm believer of natural beauty, she focused more on that.

Her philosophy is simple… Skin first, enhance what’s already there second.  

She started assisting Jillian Dempsey a few years ago, Maxine helps her on shoots, her work with her beauty app FYFE, and she helps her with product tutorials.

You can visit her personal website HERE