Stylist: Marc Forné
Outfit: custom Moschino by Jeremy Scott
Groomer: Bosco Montesinos
Shoes: Church’s
Jewelry: Rabat | Mellerio

Manu Ríos is an actor revered by his fanbase and even though you’ve never watched the series “Élite“, you can’t help but think that the guy is an incredibly handsome man.

His feminine and masculine side mix a lot and the outfit he chose to wear to this year’s MET Gala was the perfect combination between what it is perceived as soft in terms of embroidery–more ladylike–and what it is perceived as masculine in terms of type of clothing–a tuxedo–.

For the event, Ríos wore a custom all-black, sheer Moschino suit with a deep V-neck, slightly altered from a model that appeared on the runway of the Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection. The ensemble was paired with black, shiny Church’s Shannon Derby shoes.

1st and 2nd picture are courtesy of Moschino, 3rd picture is courtesy of Marc Forné

According to the actor, the design team added some sparkly hand-sewn crystals/beads to the outfit, to make the suit look more ‘showtime’. The overall idea was for him to feel comfortable, even if a lot of the theories swirling around about his choice of a tuxedo were that in the middle of that Golden period (which went from 1870 to 1891) the tuxedo was born. 

Some inspo, courtesy of Marc Forné
Some inspo, courtesy of Marc Forné

GQ Spain went as far as to report that: “According to one of the theories, this jacket emerged in the smoking rooms of Tuxedo Park–a meeting point for New York’s social elite–and they were worn over the tailcoats so that the smoke from the cigarettes did not impregnate the clothing with the smell.”

Pretty interesting if you ask us; it was an incredible outfit nonetheless.

Courtesy of Griffin Lipson x V Man
Courtesy of Griffin Lipson x V Man

He accessorized the look with Rabat jewelry from the Black & White collection. According to the brand: “This collection, with a magical history for the firm, is characterized by combining the eternal light of the white diamond with the strength and uniqueness of black diamonds. A combination that highlights the timeless elegance of black and white.”

The chosen pieces were a necklace, black diamond hoop earrings, two interlocking black and white diamond rings, a black diamond Rivière bracelet plus two two-tone diamond pavé rings.

He also wore a Mellerio Cut ring, inspired by the Beau Sancy diamond, the favorite stone of Marie de Medici.

The Beau Sancy diamond

Manu‘s grooming was courtesy of MUA and hairstylist Bosco Montesinos, who used Sebastian Professional products to achieve the look.

Check the videos down below to know more about how Ríos prepared for one of the greatest fashion nights of the year.

From @jeremyscott’s Instagram
From @jeremyscott’s Instagram
From @marcforne’s Instagram
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