Mali Thomas

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Mali Thomas is a makeup artist, visual artist and entrepreneur.

Fascinated by color and the ability to transform a blank canvas into something special, she became more curious about seeing her work on people and began to practice on family.

She moved to New York in 2012 and started building her portfolio with photographer Maya Guez, assisting, working on countless production sets. One celebrity followed the next and with the help of social media she was able to market to people from all over the world.

Once she started to notice a lack of representation in the beauty industry (makeup companies excluding women of color from their foundation shades, models coming to her before going to shoots to get their makeup done in fear that no one would have their foundation shade on set), she used her social platform to share the beauty of women of color and she started educating people on how to do their makeup; she hired her own models, for beauty brand campaign shoots–the majority of those, having now successful careers.

Her business which started small, serves now as a Makeup & Hair agency, Skincare company, Beauty Consulting Agency & more.

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