Stylist: Hodo Musa assisted by Nash Koshiro
Outfit: custom Atelier Versace by Donatella Versace
Makeup Artist: Grace Pae using Versed and Danessa Myricks
Hairstylist: Evanie Frausto assisted by Shanice Fields and Marvin Tarver
Hair concept: Stacey Morris
Manicurist: Sojin Oh assisted by Cynthia using Bio Seaweed Gel
Shoes: Versace
Jewelry: Versace

Lil Nas X looked like a Black king for his latest MET Gala appearance and even though his outfit may have looked over the top, he certainly will set an example for all those who feel underrepresented and alone.

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Montero (which is his real name) slayed the red carpet in a custom Atelier Versace look, divided into three parts: a cape, an armor and a bodysuit.

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The sweeping cape took 800 hours to create from plush velvet and a further 1,300 hours went into the intricate embroidery. The skintight bodysuit was adorned with hand-applied embroidery that took Versace‘s skilled sarte (seamstresses) over 1000 hours to complete.

Courtesy of Versace

The tear-away 24K golden armor was created by Michael Schmidt Studios in collaboration with the Italian fashion house.

The look was accessorized with Versace Medusa Head stud earrings, a Versace gold Medusa Tribute choker and Versace black Greca Labyrinth boots with gold accents.

The boots Montero is wearing have gold accents and not silver as pictured

As extravagant as it may have seemed, Lil Nas X‘s outfit told a meaningful story, concealed under that big fat gold cape, as Versace revealed on its Instagram: “Crafted in our Milan Atelier, Lil Nas X‘s Met Gala look told a three-part American fairytale from the point of view of a Black, LGBTQ+ musician making his mark in the music industry.

He arrived on the red carpet in a dramatic cape that exudes regality and represents concealing one’s true self. The cape was then shed to reveal gleaming Medusa-adorned armor, a symbol of protection from the prejudices faced as a Black, queer person. Finally, the armor is removed to reveal a skin-tight bodysuit that represents living life as your true, unguarded self.”

Nas X further confirmed it in a Vogue red carpet interview where he said (edited for clarity): “I wanted to start with royalty, or a like a cloak, like we’re in our shell. And then we break out of it a little bit more, it’s kind of like me when I got into the industry, nobody knew who I was. And then we got the armor, right? It’s like, I built this shield around myself, even though I came out and then this year I feel like I really came out, you know? And that’s what this represents, like this breakdown to this that I’m wearing right now.”

In another interview for Vogue US, the entertainer said he already wanted to be a golden knight in some capacity, the MET appeared to be the right event for it: “I knew I wanted to do armor before we even knew the theme. […] Gold on the periodic table is 79—79 is my [lucky] number.”

Luckily for us, his makeup artist Grace Pae wrote a complete breakdown of the products she used on his face, here they are if you want to recreate the look:

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SolaWave – Microcurrent Redlight Facial Tool;
VersedBaby Cheeks All-In-One Hydrating Milk;
VersedThe Fix Emergency Eye Mask;
VersedDew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream;
VersedMood Lighting Glow Drops in Bronzed (a little bit mixed with Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream all over, then another application at the end on orbital bone, and cheekbones for extra glow);
VersedSilk Slip Conditioning Lip Oil;
VersedKeep It Supple Body Oil.

Danessa Myricks – Vision Cream Cover in N09 and N10;
Danessa Myricks – Balm Contour in Deep 2 and Deep 3;
Danessa Myricks – Evolution Powder in 4.5.

His nail artist Sojin Oh used a Bio Seaweed Gel Unity in Black Magic and a No-Wipe Top Coat to create a gold manicure with “VERSACE” written on it.

Even though Versace wouldn’t be the first brand to come to mind if one wanted to portray American fashion, the story Montero told through the international brand (champion of diversity all around) is one that resonates with the American LGBTQ+ youth, and he’s doing so much for all the Black gay men who rarely saw themselves represented in any capacity, who can now shed their layers and feel seen.

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From @grace_pae’s Instagram
From @donatella_versace’s Instagram
From @versace’s Instagram
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