Lashana Lynch at “Captain Marvel” Canadian Premiere – Toronto

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Stylist: Ade Samuel
Outfit: Rita Vinieris gown
Makeup Artist: Nickol Walkemeyer using Lancôme
Hairstylist: Kirsten Klontz
Manicurist: Nettie Davis
Jewelry: Jenny Bird earrings

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Lashana Lynch is one of the new faces of the Marvel Universe. She starred as fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel. She stunned in a beautiful black gown, for the Canadian premiere of the same movie.

A mother and best friend to Carol Danvers, A.K.A. Captain Marvel, during an interview with Huffington Post Canadashe revealed: “It’s nice that it’s a superhero movie, it’s nice there are women in the movie who are representing the younger generations. It’s nice that we get to see different walks of life like female fighter pilots who rarely get their shine, single mothers, who rarely get their shine. This is almost like a universal thank-you for all of their work. It’s nice that a normal, modern woman is a superhero. […] I like when cinema just represents what we see every day when we wake up and open our doors every morning. No one comes up to you and rolls down the window and says: ‘Hi, I’m Black!’ or ‘Hi, I’m mixed race’, so why should we have to explain it in a movie?”

You can read the interview in full, here.

Hairstylist Kirsten Klontz used Thank God Its Natural Butter Cream on her hair.

She explained the process on her Instagram: “To give her beautiful curls shine and definition, first add a bit of moisture to the hair using a spray water bottle. Second, take clean micro sections and twist each curl in place using a small dab of the Butter Cream. Once each curl is set, let it air dry or gently diffuse. A little bit of patience with sectioning creates beautiful dimension for super cute cropped cuts like this.”

She accessorized the look with Jenny Bird Two Of Hearts earrings in gold and some dainty fine silver rings and bracelets adorned her fingers and left wrist.