Kristen Ritchie

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Kristen Ritchie is a stylist and vintage curator.

She studied Business in college and got a degree in Business Entrepreneurship.

All throughout college she had consulting and sales internships, one even taking her to South Africa for a summer.

Needing money, Ritchie took a consulting job in Dallas, but after about 4 months she realized it wasn’t meant to be.

She started an Instagram related to her Tumblr and shortly after launched her website.

This was her side hustle for a good 3 years, getting up early, staying up late, working through lunch, shooting on the weekends.

After convincing the company she was working for in Dallas to let her move to LA and work remote, Ritchie quit 6 months later and started doing the blog full time.

Now she is working on expanding her experience within the fashion world so she can open even more doors than her “little website” already has.

Her moniker High End Hippie derives from her Tumblr blog that she started many years ago. She started the page as an outlet for creativity and a place to go for inspiration. To her surprise she acquired a large following and when Instagram and bloggers started getting bigger she started an Instagram as an extension of the brand.

Eventually, she started posting her own pics and outfits to Instagram and from there she started a website where she shares thoughts, personal style, travels, and passions while hopefully providing some inspiration for others.

She came up with the name High End Hippie when she was describing her style to someone and it stuck with her.

She thinks of herself as the queen of contradictions, she likes to splurge on designer pieces and other nice things but she also has a very laid-back “hippie” style and outlook on life.

Kristen also relates to the true definition of the word: “A hippie is someone who rejects the mores of established society”. Which is what she is trying to convey; an alternative lifestyle. One where you follow your dreams and go where it takes you.

You can visit her website HERE