Kiley Fitzgerald

Kiley Fitzgerald
Photo courtesy of Kiley Fitzgerald

Kiley Fitzgerald is a Los Angeles based, celebrity hairstylist and Hollywood perm whisperer.

Actresses like Lola Kirke, Emma Stone, Jaime King, and Olivia Munn have given perms a try, all of them thanks to the Mare Salon in West Hollywood. Mare is trying to bring the perm out of the margins and into the mainstream again.

Mare hairstylist Fitzgerald has been perfecting the perm, which she calls the “Mare Wave,” for about a year now; the salon opened in April 2016. The service ranges in cost from $350 to $400, and hair can’t be washed for 48 hours afterward.

According to Fitzgerald, the style can last for up to five months. Because this perm is more wavy than curly, it doesn’t look drastically different from one’s own hair when it starts to grow out. She says women with color-treated hair shouldn’t be afraid to take the plunge, because the perm solution isn’t as harsh as those before it. And even women with naturally wavy hair can try out the style to defrizz and redefine their curls.

Her famous clientele includes Constance Wu, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, Jaime King and Emma Stone.

You can book an appointment with her and see the range of her prices for a treatment HERE

She is represented by A-Frame Agency and you can find her portfolio HERE

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