Stylist: Shaquille R. Williams
Outfit: strapless form-fitting vintage Jean Paul Gaultier gown with an asymmetrical beaded sleeve that trailed down her left arm from the Spring/Summer 1997 collection
Makeup Artist: Hila Karmand
Hairstylist: Carl Campbell using IGK Haircare products
Manicurist: Kate Williamson

Jourdan Dunn wore a haute couture vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress (from the runway: 010203).

Here is what British Vogue had to say about the collection from which the dress is coming from: “That collection was considered radical at the time owing to the enfant terrible’s decision to include denim, logos, visible clothing tags, menswear, and unisex corsets on a diverse model line-up that included real people of all ages, races and body shapes.”

Jourdan feels very connected to the brand because in a time when she was pregnant, the designer wanted her to walk in his show, because he thought pregnancy and a new life were something to be celebrated and not to be ashamed of. Sadly, she received a lot of backlash for walking that show because people thought the maison was encouraging teen pregnancies. She also walked his final show in January.

Makeup Artist Hila Karmand used 111skin to prep her skin. She did her makeup using Rodial Beauty (products listed here) and placing little Swarovski crystals on her eyelids (kindly provided by Bluestreak Crystals). Lash extensions by Eyelure Lashes.

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