Jenn Streicher

Jenn Streicher first ventured from her hometown of Grass Valley in Northern California to New York City in 1999 and landed a job as assistant to celebrity hair stylist Edward Tricomi, before switching to makeup and signing with Next management.

She grew up in a very small town in northern California and she didn’t even know this job existed. Right out of high school, she started working at a makeup counter. It wasn’t until she moved to New York on a whim that the whole world opened up to her. That’s when she realized that she didn’t have to work at a makeup counter for the rest of her life and that she could do something more creative.

Her sister Kristie followed Jenn to Manhattan in 2000. And baby sister Ashley trailed after them in 2002, also assisting Tricomi to learn the hair trade. But by 2005, the sisters had all moved back West to establish a home base in Los Angeles.

Along with her sisters, she created Striiike, a collaborative family business and beauty studio in Beverly Hills. For hair, makeup, and feathered brows artfully crafted under one roof.

Striiike really came out of them all finally living in the same city. They would work together every once in a while, and with time it started to be more and more. It just got to a point where they really enjoyed working together and wanted to do more.

Striiike is a play on their last name, Streicher, with three ‘i’.

Jenn also opened a store in Westchester County where she displays a curated selection of beauty products (from clean makeup, skincare to bath and body treats) called ‘Scout‘.

She is represented by Allyson Spiegelman Management and you can check her family business’ website HERE

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