Jemma Muradian

Jemma Muradian
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Jemma Muradian is the woman behind Taylor Swift’s chic fashion lob among other A-list models such as Lily Aldridge and Karlie Kloss, having resided at Arté Salon for the past 9 years (a place she says is very dear to her heart).

With 16 years industry experience, Jemma has an impressive list of talent and skills, though that’s not to say it came easy. A first generation American, Jemma didn’t pursue her dreams in hair until after moving to the states.

Since the age of 14 she has been fascinated by hair and people. Growing up in Poland and being half Armenian, there was no clear path to reach her dreams, so she studied Economics. It wasn’t until she moved to America and landed in New York City that she realized anything is possible and that people will support your dreams if you trust yourself to follow them. She followed her passion for hair and soon enough she was deeply in the world of hair. 

The biggest challenge for her was communication. When she entered the country she didn’t speak English and she didn’t have time to study the language because she was getting her hair license. 

She overcame this challenge by focusing on what was most important: her clients and perfecting her craft. She built trust with them and any fear she had of communication or understanding, led to more genuine relationships. 

She cites first and foremost her mother as a role model–she admires her strength, how she raised her children and the way she chose to go through life, regardless of how difficult it may be. Other role models include: Julien D’ys, Odile Gilbert and Eugene Souleiman, to name a few. 

She says she does not have a signature style but the most important thing for her is making sure the style matches the client’s personality, internal and external; it’s all about customizing something that is best for them.  

You can also find Muradian working at Arté Salon in New York City.

She is represented by A-Frame Agency, but her portfolio is still not available on the agency’s website.

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