Jahleel Weaver

Jahleel Weaver
Photo courtesy of Aijani Payne

Jahleel Weaver is a prominent celebrity fashion stylist and LVMH Deputy Creative Director at Fenty House.

He started as a freelance stylist assisting Mel Ottenberg, who has been styling Rihanna since the Pon de Replay days (2005).

Rihanna and Jahleel met in 2011 and as plans for Fenty were put in motion with the backing of LVMH, the musician approached him to work at Fenty Corp in 2014. He feels very fortunate to have been taken on this incredible journey with her because she is not your regular client and she really makes him think outside the box.

His way of thinking intertwines with the idea behind both Fenty and Savage X Fenty brands, namely that a girl can be multiple things at once, in whatever size or color; when it comes to Savage X Fenty, she chooses who is going to see her naked and she can be overtly sexual without feeling judged.

Even if he is openly homosexual, he has always been fascinated by the female body and you can see Rihanna and think about her as the embodiment of this feeling.

He loves playing with colors, fabrics and textures to create extraordinary but also harmonious looks.

What he loves about the industry is the fact that every time there is a different contract—everything is short-term, so you always feel pressured to do better next time, always contemplating new ways of creating or thinking. He likes the polyvalence of the environment and the possibility to do many things at once.

Weaver has been able to help maintain the image of Rihanna as we know her today: edgy, innovative and trendsetting.

We can also credit him for creating the Xtra VIP boxes for Savage X Fenty that are emblematic of everything the lingerie brand stands for.

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