Fesa Nu is a Houston-native, Los Angeles-based freelance hair and makeup artist working across editorial shoots, commercial campaigns, and music videos.

She defines herself as a hair poet.

Fesa Nu has been working in hair for over twenty years and makeup over ten. While her job bookings dictate whether she does hair or makeup, there are occasions where she does both and is the sole author of beauty.

Nu was never into beauty growing up, but it was more of a survival mechanism for her, from a young age. She lived with her father and no one in the household knew how to do her hair. When her father did not get her to her grandmother’s so her aunts could do her hair, he tried to do it, so she made efforts to learn to do it herself.

Getting into makeup was by accident. Needing extra income, a friend of hers told her to apply at Macy’s because they were always hiring, so she had an interview there and got the job. With no previous experience she was placed in the beauty department, but as time went on, she began to learn more about each product and it blossomed from there.

Nu went to cosmetology school at Royal Beauty College in Los Angeles, California, where she learned about the specifics of skin, scalp, and hair care.

Her work is rooted in traditional African styles—taking inspiration from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and her homeland of South Africa—while still being distinctly hers.

She is the founder of The Art of Hair, a project (Instagram series) stemming from her love for African culture.

You can check her personal website HERE