Evanie Frausto

Evanie Frausto
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Evanie Frausto is a New York based professional hairstylist.

Growing up, he was broke, so he worked in a JC Penny salon as a receptionist. Wanting to change his condition, he went to hair school, the only one he could afford. As he started out, he realized he had lots of references to draw on, from his Mexican family to being a scene kid. As a scene kid, with Myspace and everything that was going on, hair was a massive thing, so he would dye it and cut it every week–doing it for his friends too.

Frausto learnt his craft assisting hairstylist Jimmy Paul, who pushed him to learn techniques that aren’t used today. For instance, during an interview for Pier59 Studios, he recalled being given a picture from the 1940-1950 for him to figure out how to recreate that same kind of style using vintage techniques from the past; he also cited being influenced by his youth in Southern California.

When it comes to wigs, he doesn’t separate between genders and his creative process differs depending on the project: if it is an editorial he goes for the fantasy, if it is a celebrity, he goes for a toned down approach.

Alongside his session work, Frausto is one half of Genie Kausto, a creative alter ego formed together with his photographer husband George Kan.

His advice to salon hairdressers who want to become session hairstylists is not look on Instagram for answers but to talk to people who’ve worked in the industry, assisting and learning that way instead of trying to follow the Instagram algorithm.

He wishes that Instagram followers didn’t equate to talent or that Instagram didn’t dictate the industry, because with its restrictions it influences both what people want to create and what people want to look at. In this way art becomes numbers, followers and likes, causing much anxiety. He also acknowledges that professionals are forced to engage in it for their careers.

Frausto is now the Global Artistic Ambassador for Bumble and bumble.

He is represented by Streeters and you can find his portfolio HERE

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