Stylist: Harry Lambert
Outfit: custom Prada
Makeup Artist: Florrie White using Sisley Paris
Hairstylist: Daniel Martin
Shoes: Prada
Jewelry: Cartier

It seems like a distant time, seen the speed at which events are now taking place, but the SAG Awards 2021 were still happening in COVID times. One of the nominees, Emma Corrin, made sure to make the occasion memorable anyway.

For the remote awards, Corrin stunned in a custom Prada grey satin and lace dress with light blue embroidered popeline sleeves and kid mohair apron with black leather Monolith boots.

They accessorized the look with Cartier High Jewelry pendant earrings and a Cartier High Jewelry diamond ring.

The custom Prada look gave the idea of a collage of different realities and different personas, just like Emma‘s multifaceted personality and their ability to interpret different characters even very distant from their own point of view.

Vanity Fair described it perfectly in this passage: “The center panel’s gray satin and lace gives the feel of a 1920s nightgown; French blue sleeves have the sturdiness of men’s shirting offset by embroidered diamantés. Below the waist, a mohair apron pleated like a Scottish kilt is paired with heavy-tread boots.”

The imperative by stylist Harry Lambert was to keep the beauty raw and clean, and makeup artist Florrie White drew also inspiration from the sketch of Emma‘s outfit in which she could see hues of peach on the eyelids. A shade that–according to White–complimented the blue details of Corrin‘s top and evoked emotion.

Here is an in-depth breakdown, courtesy of the expert MUA Florrie White, who used Sisley Paris products (slightly edited according to Emma‘s preferred pronouns):

Florrie prepped Emma‘s skin with the Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream mixed with two drops of the Black Rose Precious Face Oil. She added another drop of the Sisley-Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil over Emma‘s temples before applying the Sisley-Paris Phyto-Blush Twist in Glow and buffing it into their skin. She also applied the Sisley-Paris Phyto-Blush Twist in Papaya to the apples of Emma‘s cheeks to provide extra dewiness.

To maintain structure amongst all of the hues and glows, Florrie filled in Emma‘s brows in the roots and inner corners with the Sisley-Paris Phyto Sourcils Perfect in Blond and also created a sharper edge on the outer corner of each brow. She then set the brows with the Sisley-Paris Phyto Sourcils Fix in Transparent.

Then, Florrie applied the Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-Ombre Shadow in Silky Sky to the inner corner of the eyes and washed the Sisley-Paris Le Phyto-Ombre Shadow in Silky Coral over the lids. This technique allowed for the eyes to reflect color and light at all angles. In order to provide an opening effect, she applied the Sisley-Paris Phyto-Kohl Star in Pearl in the waterline followed by a fine coat of the So Stretch Mascara in Black on the top lashes. The mascara was used to create architecture and definition around the eye area along with a bit of edge to compliment the outfit.

After applying the Sisley-Paris Nutritive Lip Balm, Florrie added a little stain of the Phyto-Lip Twist in Ballet over the top to balance out the overall coral glow of the look. She did not use powder to finish as she wanted the look to be ‘lived in’.”

Other products mentioned in the Vanity Fair interview above were the Phyto-Cernes Eclat (no shade specified) and the Stylo Lumière Highlighter pen (no shade specified); over top, a hit of warm cream blush that heightened Corrin‘s natural flush (no shade specified). 

The MUA had a specific vision in mind while using the iridescent eyeshadows on the actor: “I wanted it to look like a reflection of light, maybe as the sun is going down. […] It’s not doing the classic smoky eye paint-by-numbers. It’s an emotion.” She also did not curl their lashes.

Emma‘s hair inspirations at the time were boys, according to hairstylist Daniel Martin (who was part of the glam team in that same VF interview–the pronouns are edited): “They want to be Leonardo DiCaprio, or they want to be Brad Pitt, or they want to be David Beckham—generally those strong male influences from the ’90s. Their hair goes that way, and they get into that character.”

Martin styled their hair in a center-part curtain; here is the process:

“The first step was a good wash, followed by a handful of Sisley‘s new La Crème 230, a heat-protectant serum from the Hair Rituel collection. […] He then blow-dried it with a slight bevel, using Sisley‘s round bristle brush, followed by a piping-hot flat iron to squeeze out excess volume. A final hit of hair oil on the ends lent a finishing shine.”

1st picture is courtesy of Florrie White x Sisley Paris

Corrin‘s nails were kept au naturel, in line with the masculine/feminine energy of their ensemble.

To conclude I think that Emma Corrin is setting the perfect example for all those people who identify as non-binary. They blur the line between genders and it feels homogenous and not fake because it is so authentic to them. Even before they announced to the world their preferred pronouns, I felt deep in me that they were so unique that there wasn’t possibly any other way to describe what they were.

Their being part of the conversation will help the society progress and will help marginalized people stand up for themselves, understanding that they are not alone.

Stylist Harry Lambert is the perfect companion for such a journey–he’ll make sure that Emma‘s vision will be respected and that they will have all the freedom to express themselves without ever feeling bound to follow a set of predetermined rules (after all, he’s Harry Styles‘ stylist too, he has plenty of experience).


Emma Corrin were nominated in the category Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for their role as Diana in “The Crown” and Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for the same series.

The cast won in this last category.

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