Elly Karamoh

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Elly Karamoh is a Paris born, Atlanta based, celebrity wardrobe stylist.

It was his mother who made him fall in love with what clothes could do for a person, because in their household, clothes and accessories were respected objects.

In eighth grade (2005), Karamoh moved to the United States and being isolated because of the language barrier, caused him to gravitate toward TV and online research (he didn’t speak English when he arrived and it proved difficult for him to socialize).

It wasn’t easy for him in school in the US as well as in Paris, because people made fun of him for taking too much care of his appearance. Luckily, the ridicule turned into admiration and by his senior year of High School, he developed a reputation for curating jaw-dropping looks. Eventually, he realized that people trusted him with their image, so in no time, he was already sketching imaginary collections and trying to figure out how to make these dreams a reality.

He attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he could find like-minded individuals, but after a year he traded in the tuition for on-the-job instruction.

After high school, Elly began to obtain his first hands-on professional experience in learning fashion design, working in a private custom bespoke men’s warehouse called Hierarchy Bespoke. During his employment, he began to hone in on skills such as proportion measurements, and how to understand the masculine physique to mask the posture of a man, as well as how to sell a product that doesn’t currently exist.

Elly was able to also tap into skills learned from working various different sales associate positions in retail stores, and through unpaid internships. From there, he turned his profession into wardrobe styling, building a name for himself locally.

Elly’s drive motivated him to sneak into New York Fashion Week shows, while also studying fashion designers, street style photographers and models.

He credits his confidence for his current array of clients, indeed at 23, Karamoh had already styled professional basketball players Cameron Payne, Bobby Portis, and Satnam Singh Bhamara for the 2015 NBA draft.

Five years into working with athletes and entertainers (2019), Karamoh received a call from Marjorie Harvey (Steve Harvey’s wife) who he was friendly with because of his own friendship with Lori Harvey. Marjorie asked him if he’d style her husband if given the opportunity–even though he already had a job–and he accepted (citing a vacation in South Africa as an excuse to his boss). From that moment, Karamoh has been working with Steve Harvey. It was supposed to be a test run, but actually he was so good that even the executive producers of Family Feud requested him to style Harvey for the show.

Steve Harvey in Louis Vuitton, styled by Karamoh
Steve Harvey in Berluti, styled by Karamoh
Steve Harvey in Dior, styled by Karamoh

In July 2022 he started styling Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey too, even though the two had been friends for years already. Other of his notable clients are Magic Johnson and Tyler Perry.

He believes that when the power of celebrity meets the exposure of fashion, it can really elevate the brand of a celebrity.