Stylist: Ketevan Gvaramadze
Outfit: custom Sies Marjan by Sander Lak
Makeup Artist: Meredith Baraf using L’Oréal Paris Makeup
Hairstylist: Frankie Foye using Fromm Pro & T3 Micro tools
plus L’Oréal Professionel Paris
Manicurist: Chiharu Natsume

Model Doutzen Kroes walked the red carpet of the MET Gala 2018 whose theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and theCatholic Imagination. She stunned everyone in a custom Sies Marjan gown.

Designer Sander Lak was very happy to bring her with him as he stated in an interview with “It’s a nice thing we’re from the same country […] She’s an incredibly easy person to work with. That’s very helpful, especially for the first time. She completely trusted me to do whatever I thought was right. That’s not always the case.”

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He then went on to explain his choice for the red carpet: “Reds and purples are two very Catholic colors, there’s a lot of costumes with red and purple for the people that are kind of in charge of Christianity. There’s a lot of imagery of Mariaand the angels and purple colors that come from that area. It made a lot of sense to put that all together. The degradè we did last season, which is nice because, in the end, it needs to be a Sies Marjan dress. It’s for the MET, and it’s a one-off, and it’s within a theme, but it also needs to be within our collection. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

He was probably talking about this degradè dress.

“The starting point was definitely the Spring collection. […] Once we knew that Doutzen wanted to do it, we kept thinking about her being a Victoria’s Secret angel. […] She has a very angelic face. We wanted to see what would she be like if she was a Sies Marjan angel. […] We look at a lot of pictures of Maria and of angels and of this kind of holy very virgin-esque imagery. But that combined with this amazing sex appeal. Because we also wanted to make sure she didn’t look like, well, a virgin, because she isn’t! She has two kids! That’s why I opened up the back.”

Sadly, the label is closing due to the ramifications of Covid-19.

For some backstage videos click here: 0102

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