Dita Vushaj

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Photo courtesy of Molly Cranna

Dita Vushaj is a professional hairstylist.

From an early age, she was drawn to hair. Surrounded by the bustle of Hamtramck – a neighborhood in Detroit – her cousins would give her their dolls in secret.

She’d hide them in her backpack like contraband as a kid, and cut and style their hair in her bedroom when no one was around. Later in her teens, she would spend hours at her aunt’s salon. An aunt who had been her confidant in a stormy household.

Immediately after high school, Dita knew that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her aunt, and began pursuing a career in hair. With the work ethic passed down from refugee parents Dita worked, from the beginning, towards the goal of being a hairdresser and cutter in Los Angeles. 

At around 22, Dita had a now-or-never opportunity and sprang at it. She knew that she wanted to do hair for the photos that clients were bringing into the salon she was at, cut out from magazines.

She flew to Los Angeles towards the end of September 2012 to visit and introduce herself to the well-renowned Andy Lecompte salon, by shadowing a number of the artists. Upon flying back to Michigan from that trip, she bought a one way flight, for exactly three months later, to LA.

Dita made herself available by fully immersing herself in the industry. Within months of moving to Los Angeles, she began assisting a top hairstylist and through word-of-mouth began assisting artists at every top agency in Los Angeles and New York.

Years after sponging in knowledge from a variety of creatives, she began a career on her own, in 2016. A scary step at first, upon writing this she has since keyed two fashion shows, worked a number of editorials, advertisements, and with a variety of clientele.

Easy to adapt to any situation, she uses the vast diverse teaching of her predecessors and hair mentors to provide a versatility in style, with signature sense of meaningful intention into every moment.

If she’s not doing photo shoots, events, etc., then she’s working out of Mare Salon in West Hollywood.

Her clientele includes: Danielle Macdonald, Amanda Steele, Sofia Richie and Charlotte Mckinney to name a few.

She is represented by Tracey Mattingly Agency and you can find her portfolio HERE

You can book her through Mare Salon by clicking HERE